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‘Nymphomaniac’ Gets 4-Hour Theatrical Cut For Danish Release That Lars Von Trier Hasn’t Seen

'Nymphomaniac' Gets 4-Hour Theatrical Cut For Danish Release That Lars Von Trier Hasn't Seen

So, how do you market a reportedly 5 hour long sexytimes epic drama? Well, so far the people behind Lars Von Trier‘s “Nymphomaniac” have done a tremendous job of building buzz for the movie online with a series of provocative teasers, but rolling things out to theaters presents a different challenge. For the Danish release, the powers that be have decided to cut the movie by an hour to make things a bit more commercially viable.

Filmmagasinet Ekko reveals that when it hits theaters in Denmark and Norway next month, “Nymphomaniac” will be presented in an edited, 4 hour version that will split into two parts. The kicker is that Lars Von Trier has not taken part in assembling this version and has apparently not even seen it. That being said, he is signing off on the release as he understands it’s being done to help the commercial considerations of the movie. And Zentropa director Peter Aalbaek Jensen notes that the movie is being done to help investors make back the $10 million U.S. budget of the movie, which will already be a difficult task give the subject matter and runtime.

So, where will Lars Von Trier’s preferred, 5 hour cut be seen? Well, all signs are still pointing to the Cannes Film Festival next spring where the longer and reportedly more explicit version will be unveiled. And at this point, it’s unclear which version Magnolia will eventually be releasing stateside but it seems there is no shortage of controversy around Lars Von Trier’s next movie. Does size matter? Guess we’ll find out soon. [thanks to Montages for the heads up!]

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I have not seen the movie yet so to howl racism is too early. But it is striking how I have never seen any people other than white depicted in any of von Trier's movies before. Apparently unbridled sex concerns black people. The apocalyps does not.


Anything with DMX and Lars Verne Troyer im there.


Many people will watch, whether they will enjoy it is another matter. Von Trier is such a charlatan. His films play like jokes on the audiences. Most who claim to appreciate him sadly seem unaware of this. And my god, that pic of Charlotte Gainsbourg surrounded by black men is SUCH a turnoff. She's so unsexy. What a perverse man.


It's so easy to fool pseudo-intellectuals as they gobble up any junk in the name of art.


I will. Lars can count on my $14.


I am not watching a 5 hour Lars Von Trier film about sex, I will not do it.

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