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‘Out Of The Furnace’ Director Scott Cooper Will No Longer Direct Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

'Out Of The Furnace' Director Scott Cooper Will No Longer Direct Stephen King's 'The Stand'

Update 11/21: THR adds that Cary Fukunaga, Paul Greengrass, Daniel Espinosa and Denis Villeneuve are among the names being tossed around/wishlisted to take on the movie.

Well, it was a brief affair, and one that ends like so many Hollywood relationships do, thanks to “creative differences” (just ask Joe Carnahan). Just three months after it found a new director after Ben Affleck exited the project, Warner Bros. will need to find someone else to direct “The Stand.”

The Wrap reports that “Out Of The Furnace” helmer Scott Cooper has bounced from the long developing movie, adding his name to the growing list of those who have yet to crack this nugget. In addition to Affleck, David Yates was also attached at one point to the adaptation of Stephen King‘s epic novel about a virus that kills off 99% of the world’s population, and a pack of survivors who come head to head with another group led by Randall Flagg, a creature of pure evil with supernatural powers. 

But don’t worry about Cooper. He’s got no shortage of projects he’s linked to —  “Lie Down In Darkness,” “The Emperor’s Children,” a remake of “Carancho,” and the Depression-era drama “The Road Home,” and a remake of the French thriller “36th Precinct” — so he’ll be fine, and as for WB, “The Stand” remains a “priority” but they need to find someone to actually stick with it. So no matter what, this movie will happen eventually — it’s just a matter of who will get the behind the camera.

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I have a tip for Cooper. Don't do the remake of Carancho, or the remake of 36th Precinct. Who needs them?

There you go, your choice just got easier.


You are a genius Wray! Frank Darabont would be perfect for this project.


Alfonso Cuarón, John Hillcoat, or The Spierig Brothers. Hell, why not Frank Darabont.

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