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Robert Pattinson Joins James Gray’s ‘Lost City Of Z’ With Benedict Cumberbatch

Robert Pattinson Joins James Gray's 'Lost City Of Z' With Benedict Cumberbatch

Last month when we chatted with director James Gray, he cautioned that the fate of his long-developing “The Lost City Of Z” depended on how things panned out at this week’s American Film Market. He already put a good foot forward, landing Benedict Cumberbatch for a starring role in the film, and hopefully this latest bit of casting can put it over the top.

Screen Daily reveals in their print issue from the floor of AFM, that Robert Pattinson is also on board the movie, that Panorama Media is financing and selling rights for as well. The movie is being produced by Brad Pitt‘s shingle Plan B (he was going to star in a previous iteration of the film before it fell apart at Paramount). The film is an adaptation of David Grann‘s book, telling the story of English soldier-turned-explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, whose obsession with the Amazon and belief that an ancient civilization resided there led him on many expeditions where he narrowly escaped death. After financing eventually dried up, Fawcett self-funded one last adventure into the Amazon with his son, from which neither returned. We presume Cumberbatch will play Fawcett, and while there’s no word yet on Pattinson’s role, perhaps he’ll play the son?

As for the tone of the picture, Gray had said to us he’s aiming for the epic scale of David Lean but with a “slightly more hallucinogenic feel. Because [the protagonist] went to the jungle and sorta went mad.” So yes, fingers crossed this gets rolling in 2014.

Meanwhile, in case you were worried, Pattinson is still attached to Werner Herzog‘s “Queen Of The Desert.” Recent trade reports about the movie notably didn’t have his name among the cast of Nicole Kidman, James Franco (yes, he’s confirmed now according to Screen Daily) and Damian Lewis, but rest assured he’ll be there. And 2014 spent working with Herzog and Gray? Nicely done, RPatz.

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Actually according to Cassian the producer as of Dec Rob was NOT signed on to QOTD AND Cassian also answered a question in an interview with THR about Rob dropping the movie and he didn't correct them and Cassian said the movie has been in casting hell


I like Robert Pattinson. I think he has a lot of promise, having shown it in How to Be, Bel Ami, Cosmopolis and the first Twilight ( before the studio got involved). I think he's going to really surprise some critics with his future projects.
Some of the comments here are so hateful. This is a young actor that is trying to hone is craft and he is picking really interesting projects with interesting filmmakers. You may not enjoy his acting and that is fine. Stop watching his films and stop spewing vitriol. Spread kindness not hate.

Betty b

Great news. Both actors are very talented…looking forward to seeing this movie.


So happy for Robert! Wow – Rover-Stars-Queen-life-OZ. Can't wait to see all of these movies.

miss M

It's time for an awesome action-adventure, long time no see! Benedict is a hot property right now and Pattinson is a cool guy and easy on the eyes. What's not to love?


I think the time has come for many to accept that RPATZZ has some talent … just saying … time to time see what happens …


Mr. pattinson ever surprises me, did not taste much cosmopolis, but I see that you are serious about your career as an actor, to see that this is going to The Rover and Maps to the stars, look at them first and then criticize. Not blinded by their hatred absurd.


Wow how much envy are here, robert pattinson increasingly are choosing roles better and if given the opportunity to act under the direction of great filmmakers, he deserves it.

Nose for the hatred of many people if not interested just do not see his movies and save yourself the hatred and frustration.

While you are behind a blog criticizing the increasingly is slowly earning them the respect of many people.

But as they say if you have a lot of hate, never change their opinion, and never be able to see objectively.


Cumberbatch is a great actor, Pattinson didn't show any real impressive performance yet (saw Cosmopolis, he was ok that's all, better than before but still), I don't know if this couple will fit together
Pattinson fans should really stop attacking anybody who hasnt the same opinion about their god, is childish and ridiculous.


I'm not understanding Cumberbatch's carer at all. He drops out of Crimson Peak with Jessica Chastain (directed by Del Toro) but signs up to this mess. Ok admittedly before he knew they'd sign Pattinson but nevertheless the director isn't up to much. Cumberbatch's script choices have been awful lately e.g Star Trek into Darkness and the appalling Fifth Estate. He's attracted to interesting roles but he must resist the urge to sign on if the scripts are poor. He's a great actor but his fanbase aren't going to turn up to poor films. Dreamworks should never have rolled out the Fifth Estate to a wide release and poor Cumberbatch has taken the heat for that. He'll carry the same can for this film when it bombs – which it will do with Pattinson on board. No guys will go and see this now.


Well, the only mediocre here is people, who don't bear that Pattinson is good actor and he's forming an smart challenge career achievement, Working with talented filmmakers.


Yeah, pattinson is doing it the right way. Not a fan before but he's getting my attention with all the parts he's been getting. Looks like a work in progress and an actor in transition and he is doing great with all the esteemed directors working with him. Nicely done indeed Robert!


He's amazing, talented and beautiful! Leave him alone! (said the screaming fangurls on this site).

Of course he's none of these things.


DAWN: Yeah, so mediocre that she has TWO Academy Award nominations, and has won ONE at the age of 22, and managed to scream at DeNiro without consequences. Bitch, please.


What is James Gray thinking hiring Pattinson?


Rpatz can't act. He is doggedly, stubbornly lacking in any kind of talent, charm or charisma. Disappearing in indies nobody sees? Sounds about right.

Playing the son of Benedict Cumberbatch? HAHAHAHA


Robert Pattinson's career average worldwide gross is $402, 542, 400 per picture. That is his currency. And he is wisely (and blessedly) using it to purchase the opportunity to work with talented directors on challenging projects that might not otherwise see the light of day. So let's be clear about one thing: James Gray didn't pick Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson picked James Gray.

This is what DiCaprio did. This is what Tom Cruise did. This is what Brad Pitt did. They used their "green light" power to finance the best "on the job" training imaginable by working with the very best directors that would have them on the projects that might have otherwise stalled. Some actors use their new fame and power to buy houses, vacations, and toys. Others use it to procure better projects to work on, to improve their skills and expand their range, and in turn bless their director's with the opportunity to see a dream project come to life.

How anyone could fault Pattinson for this is beyond me.


If this guy wasn't a white male with a big fanbase he wouldn't be getting any of these roles. His acting is mediocre at best. Yes I've seen Cosmopolis. So many other talented actors who are passed over for this guy. Poor Benedict Cumberbatch deserves a more talented costar.


I am very impressed with Pattinsons role choices lately. I think the next few years are really going to make or break him as an actor as he has not really stepped out on his own yet (besides the or hate Cosmopolis). He is definitely going about earning respect the right way. It will be interesting to see him in these challenging pictures. Good for him.


Wow, same way Leo DiCaprio did before and after Titanic, Robert Pattinson is using his Twilight power to make amazing films with great directors. Very smart actor. Impressive.


As long as this film gets made!


Between Gray, Cronenberg, Herzog, Michod … get ready y'all Pattison is gunning for the pretty boy works with auteurs Brad Pitt angle — and he's making great choices.


he's making great choices and setting himself up for success. good for him!


Based on age difference in the book wouldn't make much sense for Pattinson to play Cumberbatch's son. But if they want to use makeup to make him look older that's one way to go.


What has this guy done to convince anyone he can act? Outside of Cosmopolis (where he was still mostly stiff as cardboard) he's been atrocious in everything I've seen.

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