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Rumor: Norman Reedus Sought For Part In ‘The Crow,’ Kristen Stewart Reportedly Ruled Out For Supporting Role

Rumor: Norman Reedus Sought For Part In 'The Crow,' Kristen Stewart Reportedly Ruled Out For Supporting Role

Yes, “The Crow” reboot/remake/whatever is actually happening for real. This morning, Eric Draven himself, Luke Evans, hit Twitter to reveal, “First day of my Intense training for The Crow done!” And while he might be drinking power shakes and getting his abs into six-pack shape, the rest of the movie around him has yet to be cast, though it seems those wheels are turning.

Schmoes Know, who’ve had their listening devices in the right places lately, are reporting that “The Walking Dead” and “Boondock Saints” star Norman Reedus is the “top choice” to play the character of James. And that’s about it. But it was probably inevitable that following the actor’s AMC success that the movies would be knocking to try and tap into that. Meanwhile, and slightly more dubious, the same report claims that Kristen Stewart was considered for the part of Shelley but ultimately producers “shied away from the idea after hearing that she wouldn’t attract an audience.” Uh, yeah, because Luke Evans and Norman Reedus will pack them in? As always, take everything with big package of salt.

Anyway, “The Crow” seems to be puttering along with F. Javier Gutierrez (“Before The Fall”) slated to direct. And we’d reckon more official news should be coming soon, especially with Evans already beefing up.

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I will always be a Kristen Stewart fan. I think she gives 100% effort with her career. Too many people forget about her famous predecessors, Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor that also interfered in marriages and didn't even apologize. At least Kristen tried to make amends.


Girl hasnt came out with a movie in over a year, yet shes still more relevant that most actresses in hollywood. This article is obviously using her name for hits and look how many responses theyve gotten. Obviously her names has draw. Shes going to do amazing in the years to come no matter what the haters think. Shes been in this industry since she was 10 so no she not living off of 15 mintutes of fame. I think she'll act for many more years then end up workiny behind the camera. Shes a very smart girl and i think she would do well in producing and directing one day.

Movie fan

New York magazine recently ran a comparison of Stewart's career and Jennifer Lawrence's, pointing out that Jen is the youngest actress to ever get two Oscar nominations and one win, whereas Stewart has none.

Given her cheating scandal and declining career, it's not a surprise that the producers of The Crow decided to pass on her. None of her indies have ever made a profit, and the big studios won't touch her with a ten foot pole now. Universal's refusal to go forward with SW2 proves that. She's tainted goods, everyone but her tiny fanbase knows it.

Stewart fan

At least she works hard and earns her living, nor is she trying to be manufactured into something she's not. What's wrong with not wanting to socialize with the rest of fake Hollywood? All of you need to stop being in denial about how dysfunctional the rest of Hollywood really is, and yes, I'm referring to that favorite mainstream and indie actor and actress of yours.


I am a big fan of K Stew and have seen all her movies and would watch anything she is in.


Wow. Reading this comment section has been incredible. damn people are crazy.


Yet another remake in Hollyweird! Can't they come up with anything original anymore? As for the hate on Kristen Stewart, can someone explain to me what's wrong with indie films? Personally I prefer those to the big budget tinsel town stuff that are either successes or flops but nothing in between. And she's quite talented in a few of the indies that she's done already and Sils Maria has a very interesting storyline that I for one will be at an art house theatre to see. However, I find it hard to even think that she would consider the Crow……I wonder if someone sent her manager the script thinking they could use her name? As for Reedus, if anyone watches the Walking Dead, you would know he's a very talented actor but again, not sure if he's the right person for the remake of this movie.


I totally agree that outside of the Twilight movies with Robert Pattinson she doesn't have an audience, the Snow White movies was Charlize Theron star power.
Besides, there is a large portion of movie goers including minority audiences who tend to flock to the theater who now have a negative view of her, since she pulled out of the Will Smith movie "Focus".


Sick of bloody overrated Norman Reedus!


not trying to be a negetive or anything on your part Seriously ,but Actor is male and Actress is female persay like saying waiter (male) waitress (female)


Are you kidding me ? who in their right mind want to see a remake of the Crow ?.. the one and only crow movie is the original with Lee . It seems they didn't learn anything from the other sequels or remake or whatever , didn't see them but they all sucked !! And that Stewart mention was all for them to get some internet traction out of that and low and behold all haters are here .. typical .. she wouldn't touch that crap even for free , Cooper and whalberg got off that crazy train smart move on their part . And just beacause a person is a fan of Stewart does not make them idiots or dumb not all of us are obsessed she always been an indie actor and she's going back to that there is nothing wrong with that . Do some of you have any idea how many good actors are doing indie and small movies lately ? A lot of them due to the fact that Hollywood business folks have no clue what an original story is like . If a movie doesn't gross millions within 3 days it's an automatic failure .. Really ? by who's standards ? And that dumb article in Esquire … yeah .. real relevant article for the dumb fan boys . And not all Stewart fans are ignorant about movies by the way i will challenge any of you idiots on your knowledge of movies ..LOL.. i bet you one thing i will win !!!! so suck on this !


Wow. This comment section is really sad. The general public must be laughing at the fanatics here. RPatz and KStew won't get anywhere with fanatic fans like ones here.


Wow. This comment section is really sad. The general public must be laughing at the fanatics here. RPatz and KStew won't get anywhere with fanatic fans like ones here.


I love Kristen Stewart but not even she could motivate me to see "The Crow"! I didn't like it the first time and have zero desire to see a remake! I could care less about Reedus or Evans because I don't even know who they are! Plus, another remake? Can't Hollywood come up with an original concept?


Advices to playlist- DO NOT mention the name of Kristen Stewart in this site, these crazy fans of stewart who knows nothing about films will invade this site. This is supposed to be a place where we get info about upcoming films and instead our eyes get infected with these desperate rants of stupid fans of a b list actress.

Reality Check

Kristen didn't step foot on a movie set for 18 months, and when she finally did land a job, it was in a micro budget indie that still doesn't have distribution. CXR will probably go straight to dvd, and her supporting role in a foreign film that few people will likely see is nothing to crow about.

She isn't landing good roles in prestigious films, she isn't getting lead roles with auteur directors or master filmmakers, and no big studio is rushing to hire her. She's taking what she can get, which are bit parts in movies with first time directors and ex-cons for co-stars.

Her fans don't seem to be able to tell a solid indie with a chance of being good and successful and the kind of D list dreck she's flailing around in. She trashed her own career and reputation, and a year and a half later we're all seeing the results of her poor life choices. Actions do have consequences. Her fans need to stop whining and deal with her downward spiral.

Baby Jane

They blew it. It remains to be said whether she would have accepted the role.


If anything, Kristen Stewart would have been the only reason to go see a remake of The Crow.
Besides, any remake of The Crow will NEVER be as Great without Brandon Lee as the Original.
They're wasting their time and dishonoring a Legend.

Kristen RULES!!!

Kristen Stewart would have drawn lots of support and attention for this movie. There lost not hers. They are using her name and image for recognition on this movie. What a bunch of losers to use her for their gain. She probably turned them down! She's doing great with her career. They need to "CROW" about something else! Rise above them Kristen your fans support you! We love you baby girl. :-)


Embarrassed K-Stew fan. But since the production used her for dubious reasons, I will attempt to promote Kristen. Next year look for these 3 Indies: Sils Maria which also stars Juliette Binoche and Chloe-Grace Moretz, Camp-XRay which also stars Payman Maadi(Peyman Moaadi), Anesthesia which stars Sam Waterston and Glenn Close. Thanks.

Une de Mai

Whoah, what a bunch of pathetic people around here. Go suck Robert's dick instead of being a whiny little kid, trying to keep up with the grown-ups.
Couldn't care less about the movie, don't even know the movie, just read the article for Kristen's name, so down goes the "she won't attract an audience" theory. Good or bad, Kristen always attracts an audience and the writers of this article damn well know that.


Um, you KStew fans getting fanatic on here? You know they just used her name as clickbait, and you are just drawing more attention to a BS story…even Kevin thinks it's dubious that she was considered.


We know who Kristen Stewart is but… who is Norman whatshisname and thatotherguy lmao.


This just shows all that Producers think they know it all………..KRISTEN STEWART WOULD BE AWESOME AS SHELLY…………!!!

Kristen would haved PACKED THE HOUSE FULL!!………… now I have NO interest in seeing the Crow cas of BAD MOUTH PRODUCERS!! i'LL Make sure to let all my Friends know DONT GO SEE THE CROW!!


I am a Kristen fan and I like many other actor.


Guest, you are such a hater. Who else do you hate? Just Kristen? Are you Liberty using other names? You need counseling for your delusional state of mind over an actress that you don't know at all! You need an intervention, dear. Hope you get it so you can live in peace.


Not going to watch this movie "if" it ever gets made…Ms. Stewart's fan base is huge and we don't like bullies. So eventually we will all know that this is one movie we can stay away from. Good luck with this movie I hope they recoup their expenses at least.


And, use a giant picture before all the drugs, when she was still a cute kid, not the dirty addict she has become.

lord the ladies

Wow, this thread is so sad! So many horrible women!

Jean Worley


I and many other Kristen Stewart fans will now make it a point to steer clear of this movie.


Are you guys serious? I particularly don't know these guys! I haven't watch ed this " walking dead" series. The only reason I will see this movie "The Crow" is because of Kristen Stewart if she would be there. Those who are calling her an " addict" are all mean and bullies. They acussed her with out basis or maybe they got it from Hilton P. Or they 've paid by Robert Pattinson 's AGENT,MANAGER, & P R people!!!! HAH no doubt about it.


Who said Kristen would not pull audience in…bull crap..won't be watching this movie now….


Kristen has seven films in the pipeline. I hardly call that "not working."
Looks like a lot of people here believe the tabloid trash. That speaks volumes about your intelligence


She needs therapy & medication, girl has serious issues.


Since she can't get work she will need to lay off the crack so that Twilight money won't run out.


Ohhhh poor Robsessed still crazy…well well support your drugies Robbie project not Kristen news. Moron!!!


She has burned too many bridges, she is now yesterday's news, Summit was stuck with her, now no else even wants to take on an addict.


Stoner dirty chick can't get work even though we all know she puts out, HA!


Homewrecker addict with a bad working reputation, there is a reason why she is struggling for work now.

Yeah. No.

I call BS on this. I mean I'm sure producers go through lists of names when trying to cast (I remember Anne Hathaway saying like 10 girls were before her for Devil Wears Prada). But these producers made a POINT of dropping KStew's name, i.e. they wanted the press and hits that comes from her name. Thus nullifying their own point of her ability as a draw.

The game is the game but these producers are acting low rent and they aren't even playing very well.


I love how the article is about Norman Reedus and Luke Evans getting ready for 'The Crow' but they use a big ass picture of Kstew.


I see RPattz fans have made their way onto this post first screaming about drug issues (which is hilarious considering) and how she can't get work. Seriously do you guys ever give it a rest? She has 7 movies coming up, 3 in post-production, 4 in pre-production. Those producers didn't mind working with her. This article makes me think that the producers approached her, she said no, and now they're saying they turned her down because "she can't attract an audience." That's incredibly dubious. Kristen Stewart of the Twilight saga can't attract an audience but some guy named Norman Reedue (never heard of him) can? Hell, the only reason most people clicked on this article is because her name is mentioned. Both her detractors and her fans clicked on this article because her name is in the title of the article. I didn't even know there was a The Crow remake in the works until now. Funny, isn't it?


So basically, there was no reason to mention Kristen's name at all but you did so people would see her name and run to read about the project. SO basically you people are hypocrites. Kristen Stewart has a HUGE fan base and gets PLENTY of buzz…but she wouldn't for your movie but does for your article? Ummm so transparent. And I wouldn't watch your remake anyway…it was great with Brandon Lee – no one will be able to pull it off like he did. But since you are…try not to kill your lead actor.


Nikki Reed or Ashley Greene would make a better Shelly & show more emotion….then the mouth breather grumpy cat


girl has drug issues…and an idiot in interviews…s


the public doesn't reward homewreckers…


This is how it's working – want attention for your project.. drop in Kristen's name… Not just drop – allow derogatory insert. Most likely she turned it down and disgruntled makers saving their face by trashing her… Who are those Luk and Evan anyway? lol


Translation: Kristen turned us down so we're using her name to, well, attract an audience.


“shied away from the idea after hearing that she wouldn’t attract an audience.”

Oh please. The only thing girlfriend can do is attract an audience. Her name was mentioned for a reason.


Or they're using her name to create buzz for a project few people actually want to see remade.


I think Ksristen Stewart fit for the role as the crow, I mean a human crow … That would be soooo perfect


Didn't know about The Crow remake until Kristen Stewart's name was mentioned .That's the two-cent tour.
The playlist is so full of lies. especially when the argument is Ms Stewart


Dubious indeed. What makes them think that Stewart would have been interested in the part? Wasn't Pattinson once rumored to be approached for Draven? At any rate, it sounds more like a case of namedropping for attention rather than anything that was actually considered.


I don't think they should remake The Crow at all. It's perfect just the way it is.


I don't think they're assuming Reedus and Evans are box office draws. They're just hiring them for other reasons, namely thinking they're right for the parts. Where with Stewart, the main reason to hire her is for her name and fanbase. And if you crunch the numbers and realize there's actually nothing there, then what's the point? Might as well just hire Theresa Palmer or Amber Heard and save yourself some money.

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