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Rupert Sanders Leads The Charge And Will Direct ‘Napoleon’

Rupert Sanders Leads The Charge And Will Direct 'Napoleon'

Ever since the mini-scandal broke about his fling with Kristen Stewart, director Rupert Sanders has been busy getting lost in his work. He’s lined up all manner of projects over the past year or so, including  “Van Helsing,” the Frederick Forsyth adaptation The Kill List,” the space-set “The Juliet,” a project described as a “sci-fi ‘Battle of Algiers‘” and the crime drama “90 Church.” And while none have started rolling, Sanders’ name is back in the media as his ex-wife Liberty Ross has re-opened the events of last year, telling her side of the story to Vanity Fair. And as always, Sanders is plowing ahead with another gig.

Deadline reports that Sanders will get behind the camera for “Napoleon” for Warner Bros. Jeremy Doner (“Damages,” “The Killing“) has penned the script that is said to be “Scarface“-esque, which probably means super violent and edgy or whatever. But just like the rest of Sanders’ projects, there’s no word on when this will roll, but certainly, Hollywood has loved to tell the story of the French leader. From Abel Gance‘s 1927 silent classic through to contemporary spoofs and of course Stanley Kubrick‘s famous, unmade dream project (which is being developed for TV by Steven Spielberg), the life of the French military leader has been fascinating cinematic material.

So, slap it on the Sanders slate for now and we’ll see where it winds up as his next movie, whatever it is, develops.

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Fact Check

Geez Bonnie, you’ve been pasting this everywhere, and you’ve got some facts wrong. Kristen didn’t become linked to Pattinson until she was 19, and she was an adult when she chose to have an affair with Sanders. She knew his weife, she knew his kids and she wanted a cheap thrill, it wasn’t a love affair. She never bout a house with Pattinson, ever. He bought a hose while she was in the UK with Sanders. Seh only lived in that house for 4 months before she was exposed as a liar and a cheater. They were never the epic romance some fans wanted them to be. And calling Rupert names is just dumb. She was no innocent child when she turned her car around and picked him up. He wasn’t her BOSS! either, filming ended the year before. She had more power than he did at the time of their sordid affair. And married men can’t have affairs unless the woman is willing to cheat with them, the blame is 50/50.


Ok I don’t know where to begin this conversation so I’m posting here. I arrived late to the Twilight saga and only started to learn about Kristen’s affair. Get over it right?
I just want to say that Rupert took advantage of a young girl even though she was 24 ( and he 43).
He was married with two kids, far more life experience, and her boss!
At age 14-18 one boyfriend, age 18 became romantically involved with Robert, age 19 high school diploma. Age 21 bought a house with Robert 2011. But they had been together since age 18! I don’t care if Kristen "thinks" she knew what she was doing. That’s just like saying, she asked for it by the way she dresses thinking.
I’m furious as a mother and angry that the ex-wife wants to put Kristen on further notice. Rupert is no better than a pedophile as far as I am concerned. He absolutely knew better and had more life experiences to draw from NOT TO MENTION KRISTENS BOSS! It doesn’t matter the circumstances it’s always the woman’s fault. Why is that?

Ray H

I'm relieved he's not directing the Kubrick/Spielberg series, but on the other hand, I'd rather that go forward than this.


The "scarface" aspect both interests me and alarms me. Yes, Napoleon certainly was guilty of hubris, but there was much more to him than that. I suspect that the extraordinary context in which he rose to power will also get short shrift.


At least last time Kubrick got hosed by a rival Napoleon flick, it was by Sergey Bondarchuk. Too bad you can't say the same thing about Rupert Sanders this time around…


And another sloppy razzie bait film in the works. Warner should have known what this idiot will come up with. Just look at that horrible Snow White whatever film Yeah it made some money but simply because ppl got curious because of the genre and Snow White is a loved character and it has nothing to do with that one faced no talent actress Stewart and this amateur good for nothing director. Then again, Stewart might get hired since you know sanders is at the helm.


Rupert is amateurish and has no credibility as a full feature director. I will not waste my time and money watching films directed by him. He should stick to commercials.


This guy sure has gotten rewarded for bad behavior hasn't he. The pervert had better be watched night and daynaroundban young female actors. This one film I really won't pay to see. Hope it flops. He is such a slime.

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