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Shonda Rhimes Knows When & How ‘Scandal’ Will End. What Do You Think?

Shonda Rhimes Knows When & How 'Scandal' Will End. What Do You Think?

It may come as a shock to fans of the series that Scandal will eventually end its run at some point. I know – it’s hard to even imagine when that will be, and it probably feels like it’ll go on forever. At least, I gather many of you would love for it to continue on for as long as possible.

But it won’t. And Shonda Rhimes knows that very well. 

In a recent interview with NPR (embedded below) she shared that she she already knows exactly how Scandal will end, and when it’ll end, although, she certainly doesn’t give any specifics to the interviewer. You’ll just have to imagine what both situations would look like – how and when you’ll have to say goodbye to Olivia Pope and company. 

Given how popular it is, and the ratings its drawing, I can’t see ABC or Shonda wanting to bring the series to a close anytime soon. Although, as you might remember, the network waited until the proverbial last minute to finally order a 3rd season earlier this year. Given that the series is enjoying its best ratings ever, I assume ABC won’t wait until May 2014 to decide whether it’ll renew Scandal for a 4th season.

But it might not be entirely up to the network. Shonda already knows how and when she wants to end the series, so I could envision a scenario in which she decides that it’s over, even though ABC might want to continue with it. 

Does it have a similar life ahead of it as Shonda’s other ABC series, Grey’s Anatomy, which is now in its 10th season? 

What do you think – if you’re a fan of the series? Do you see 10 seasons in Scandal’s future? Obviously, the storylines would have to evolve over time. I’m sure even the die-hard fans of the series will eventually tire of the ongoing relationship between Olivia Pope and the president (which is really at the heart of the series), after a few seasons, and will long for much more. Although I could be certainly wrong about that. 

But if you were to predict Scandal’s future, what would it look like to you? Shonda says she knows how exactly it’ll end, and when. Put yourself in her head and paint a portrait of what you see: How do you think it’ll all come to an end? And when do you think that’ll happen? Also, how would you like to see it end? What would you like to see happen to the individual characters and stories over time, if say the series continued on for another 7 seasons?

Listen to the NPR interview with Shonda Rhimes below:

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dallen tusiime

Ah feel lyk watchn t ova n ova again!!!!


I will give scandal 3 more seasons tops I almost had a heartbreaking moment and then I realized that Kerry Washington was prego and they had to wrap up the season silly me


I would love to see Scandal continue for years. Although a huge fan of Greys, I don't think I have EVER enjoyed a show so much! I experience every emotion possible with each episode. Shonda is truly amazing. Yea, maybe unrealistic to some, but isn't that was television is about? Sure beats a stupid reality show!!


I give it two more seasons, max. Shonda wants to go out on a high note.


I could watch the on/off relationship between Liv and the pres forever, but most of all, I long to have them be together. It's the ultimate love story played out in an unlikely arena with some thrilling understories and brilliant acting among the Gladiators.


People have been sort of panicking online about this news, but keep in mind that the end that Shonda forsees could easily end up being 5 seasons from now.


Not sure how Rhimes might end it, but I see its run concluding around 2016, just after the presidential election concludes. So that would be a total of 6 seasons. … Grey's definitely needs to wrap it up next year. It's begun to grow stale.


I love scandal however I don't see it lasting as long as greys. It may last 5 or 6 seasons


My name is Rip Van Winkle, shake me, wake me up when it's all over.

Yeah, I know, Mr. Winkle slept for 20 years and we all know Scandal's soap opera does not have those kind of legs, but the point I was making is… SNOOOOOOOR…. SNOOOOOOOOZE… rather than watching this bore fest, I'd chose the life of Ol Rippy and his dog Wolf. That's right, when this show comes on (and my lady decides to watch it) I can't break brush fast enough. If I had mountains outside my home (not cornfields, which are presently looking back at me) I'd take my best friend up in the wilderness. There we'd find a grassy knoll and take a long nap.

But just like Rip, I would eventually have to come down from my solitary activities in the woods. So woe is me, if I can't lick'em, I'd have to join'em. Now I have no idea what Shonda has on her mind, nor when the series will end, but I do have a few suggestions on how the show can be a little more exciting and possibly last a few more years.

Well, as Tambay suggested, everyone knows the ongoing relationship between Olivia Pope and the president is the heart of the series, so I say we put a little zing in that storyline. No no no, I am not suggesting Olivia Pope becomes pregnant and then the suspense builds around who's the babies daddy. Nah, even Olivia's most vocal supporters of her sleep-around ways wouldn't stand idly by if Ms. Pope was depicted as a slut. I mean, to make the story intriguing and more suspenseful and more soap opera(ish) we'd have to include a parade of possible babies daddy's. So that's off the table.

But, since the Prince and the Brown Sugar storyline is wearing thin, one of them has to die! Now wait, in an earlier post it was noted that 40% of Scandal's viewers are African Americans. So hell, this is a no-brainer, pale face has to go. But how does he meet his demise?

He's found handcuffed to a bed in a sleazy hotel. Of course he's butt naked and it's a grisly crime scene. His throat is cut from eye to eye and his heart has been removed. That scene will draw in The American Horror Story crowd.

But anyway, a story can not live on gore alone, so the next president will be the new big calling card. That's right, the next president will be a black man. And, out goes mealy mouth Mellie, in comes Mo'Nique. Yeah, that Mo'Nique. Come on now, y'all know white folks love watching dysfunctional black mothers ( Precious and The Butler) and they are 60% of Scandal's audience, so the new president's wife has to been able to act a damn fool.

Now just look at all the possibilities. Who killed the president… a scank, a prostitute, Oliva Pope or his wife? Who is the next president… Samuel Jackson, Denzel Washington, Blair Underwood (NOPE, he had chance for TV fame), Morgan Freeman or Jamie Foxx? Does Ms. Pope still prefer "white cream" in her coffee? I don't know, but with all my suggestions in mind, I can see Scandal lasting for 20 more years. But again, shake me, wake me when it's all over.


This is edgy not vintage Shonda. So I say she is going after the cable model and shooting for 7 seasons. Their is a completely untouched international aspect that she can target in the story lines. This show has always been very non-Arab, not any EU crossover, doesn't attempt to mingle with African or South American iconoclasts. Nothing has also been done to seduce Latino markets. When and where will Olivia a Pope go for her hiatus. Is the most subversively powerful woman in the world, who is daughter to the most powerful black man in the world and lover if the most powerful white man in the world truly bound to the beltway. Their are women from the projects watching this shoe who have been out the country more than her character has.

It Was Written

I can see it ending Season 4. Season 5 seems like a push. I'm hoping they flesh out Columbus Short's character. He's been more talk than action out of all of the characters. He went to jail and he speaks on being good with the ladies, but we've never seen that part of his life. However, we have tons of backstory on everyone else, who are remotely more interesting.

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