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‘Stranger By the Lake’ and ‘Spring Breakers’ Head Up Cahiers du Cinéma’s Top 10 Films for 2013

'Stranger By the Lake' and 'Spring Breakers' Head Up Cahiers du Cinéma's Top 10 Films for 2013

It’s that time of year again — and no, we’re not talking about
Thanksgiving stuffing and holiday shopping. Top 10 lists will overrun
every entertainment news site, personal blog and Twitter feed for the
next six weeks.

That bastion of film history and cinematic sophistication Cahiers du Cinéma has published its best-of-the-year list already, below. Some of its choices are somewhat predictable (“Gravity,” “Blue is the Warmest Color”), and some not so much (Harmony Korine’s divisive “Spring Breakers” comes in at number two).

See how the CdC’s judgments match up with your favorites from 2013.

1. “Stranger By the Lake,” Alain Guiraudie

2. “Spring Breakers,” Harmony Korine

3. “Blue is the Warmest Color,” Abdellatif Kechiche

4. “Gravity,” Alfonso Cuaron

5. “A Touch of Sin,” Jia Zhang Ke

6. “Lincoln,” Steven Spielberg

7. “La Jalousie,” Philippe Garrel

8. “Nobody’s Daughter Haewon,” Hong Sang-soo

9. “You and the Night,” Yann Gonzalez

10. “La Bataille de Solferino,” Justine Triet

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with no less than half of the films being french, it's pretty chauvinistic I'd say.
and Lincoln being the best American film?! pff. Truffaut is turning in his grave.

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Absolutely cannot agree on Lincoln.

Leo Arriagada

I'm glad to see some respect for the opera kitsch Spring Breakers.
Such a great film.


Amazed that STRANGER BY THE LAKE would earn such an honor. It's as common to queer cinema as shirtlessness. HIV is a problem still but there was a way to make this point without it being so preachy. Maybe worth seeing but no way is it the best film of the year.

Spring Break Spring Break Spring Bbbbrreeaakkk

James Franco deserves at least an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor and Harmony Korine for Best Director, oh, Spring Breakers for Best Film also.

See, Spring Breakers is simply misunderstood film by some, in fact, it's a cult classic and awesome.

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