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The 11 Best/Worst/NSFW Money Shots From Lars Von Trier’s Very Shocking & Provocative ‘Nymphomaniac’ Trailer

The 11 Best/Worst/NSFW Money Shots From Lars Von Trier's Very Shocking & Provocative 'Nymphomaniac' Trailer

And we all thought “Antichrist” was fucked up—sexually, emotionally and psychologically. Though Lars Von Trier did a moody left turn with his operatic depression comedy “Melancholia” (hear me out—the first half with the wedding from hell is hilarious… the rest, admittedly not so much), it’s entirely possible “Antichrist” was just a warmup for his latest movie, the four-hour (maybe 5.5 hours one day) “Nymphomaniac,” which, at least from the trailer and teasers, proves that Von Trier has not mellowed with age and isn’t done challenging or terrorizing his audiences.

A two-part drama — chaptered into eight parts — told in flashbacks about a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saves her after a beating, the movie stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as the protagonist Joe and Stacy Martin as her younger self. The movie also co-stars Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen, Mia Goth, Jens Albinus, Severin von Hoensbroech, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Udo Kier, Willem Dafoe, Jean-Marc Barr, and Sophie Kennedy Clark.

More importantly, the full-length trailer for the movie debuted on Friday and was so NSFW, hardcore and provocative, YouTube pulled down the official “Nymphomaniac” channel’s trailer (not the first time this has happened). The film is being released in Denmark and Norway on Christmas Day (oh joy!) and the Cannes Film Festival organizers have already said, while Lars is welcome back one day, his epic hardcore porn won’t be eligible for a competition slot (though the door is open for an Out Of Competition berth).

To, ahem, “celebrate” the new trailer, we thought we’d do a little breakdown of its 10 best (money) shots. The trailer is below all the photos in case you somehow missed it. Magnolia has already picked up U.S. rights for the film, but no word yet on when it’ll debut.

1. Chaos Reigns With Underpants
So mischievous, Lars. A young girl (who looks like Stacy Martin’s Joe) lies prostrate on a table with her underpants around her ankles masturbating. Of course, there’s a (stuffed?) fox on the end of the table with its paw touching her leg. A little nod to the talking fox in “Antichrist”? Either way, that’s messed up, Lars.

2. Daddy’s lap
A young, totally naked Joe sits in the lap of an older gentleman. Classy.

3. Lesbianism
Well, of course. You can’t really do a provocative sex drama without it these days, right?

4. Spankings
An older Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) screams before she’s about to be S&M spanked by Jamie Bell. “That’s not how it goes,” he says, seemingly annoyed. “Most people don’t scream until I hit them.” (This is brilliantly followed by a cut of Joe’s mom [Uma Thurman] screaming violently.)

5. Spit or Swallow?
So a young Joe is on a quest of… identity and sexual awakening, trying out everything in the book as a means to be… adventurous? This is where Lars is rather brilliant. So what if she is? It’s her prerogative, no? Joe gets on a train and blows what appears to be a stranger and attempts to swallow, followed by a proud grin (juxtaposed next to what looks like a horrified older man).

6. Girl on Top

Oh, this is pretty tame when you think about it. At least by Lars’ standards.

7. More Lesbianism
Joe still has a taste for the sapphic flavor as she’s older. More likely she’s simply an equal opportunity sex-addict. What appears most interesting about the film is that it feels more like exploration than damnation. Don’t expect Lars to be judging anyone too harshly here or creating a cautionary tale about addiction, sex or otherwise.

8. Forced To Watch
One shot in the trailer clearly indicates a disturbing image: Joe being fucked with some other mystery man’s face being held and forced to watch. A relative? Either way, that can’t be fun and, like many Lars Von Trier films, we assume the movie is going to be as punishing and grueling as it is twistedly funny.

9. “The Whoring Bed”
OK, not a shot per se, but the best line in the trailer is easily Uma Thurman asking Stacy Martin “Would it be alright if I show the children the whoring bed?” This is Lars’ disturbing, but hilarious comedy mien to a tee.

10. Full On Fellatio
Von Trier has said before that the actors would be… uhhh, performing their own stunts. That’s since been debunked. Evidently, porn actors will be doubling the actors for all the graphic sex scenes in the movie (which, yes, will likely show penetration). But if Charlotte Gainsbourg is swallowing something fake here, it’s pretty damn believable (ala Vincent Gallo’s infamous “The Brown Bunny,” which was either 100% fake or 100% real, depending on who you ask).

11. Recovery Porn?
Yes, there are tons of NSFW and pornographic shots in the trailer, yet the least graphic—but perhaps most provocative and twisted—is a black and white shot of Joe. She’s in the hospital and… uhh, getting wet. Her passion visibly drips down her leg as the camera rack focuses to reveal the bandaged face of Christian Slater’s character lying unconscious in a hospital bed. A convalescing fetish? Lars, this one takes the cake.

Extra Credit. The Beaver
A screen shot here would be too much, but it’s not hard to spot a full-on closeup of a vagina in the opening super-flashing montage. Just give it a whirl and be quick with the pause button if you dare.

Thoughts? What’s amazing about this film is that Lars Von Trier certainly isn’t shying away at any charges that he’s a misogynist. In fact, he’ll be racing right at them. Before you dismiss him, however, do think of the cast—especially Charlotte Gainsbourg, who’s put her faith in the director twice before. There’s a method to the madness, clearly, though what it is this time (perhaps a comment on sexuality and dark desires?) remains to be seen until we all finally witness it.

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My stock reply these days, when I am compelled at all to write on the internet, is "Jesus, you people are terrible." Congratulations, you have earned my stock reply. Juvenilism, prudism, pseudo-intellectualism. Congrats, you've hit the trifecta. This is a film about addiction and dysfunctional deviance. If you think there is redemption here, or some sort of uplifitng message ("So a young Joe is on a quest of… identity and sexual awakening, trying out everything in the book as a means to be… adventurous?"), then, Jesus, you are wrong. Did this film evoke strong emotions? Were you disgusted? Were you saddened? Were you sympathetic? Were you disturbed? Were you in any fashion strongly moved? Then shut your mouth. Criticize techinically, but thematically, you chose to watch this film and the end (of provking you in one way or another, of leaving an impression and making you consider) was achieved. Also, judging by the snide commentary, the original author hopefully heard a *whoosh* as the point of this story flew straight over his head. You've seen too many teen movies where there is redemption and purpose, too many apologists for vice and dysfunction. If you think this girl is on a voyage of adventure and self-discovery then you are worse than bad at evaluating film.


As the specter of "legitimate" actors having real sex in movies , becomes closer to becoming a reality, one wonders where the journey will take us. When I was younger I was an actor, and came close to being nude on occasion. But nobody at the time would have dreamt of expecting a legitimate actor to actually have real sex ( no matter how "integral" to the plot ). For some time there seems- particularly with female performers- some kind of distinction between being a prostitute and being an "adult" performer( of course the only distinction is financial and someone filming the sex!). But if "legitimate " actors are going to be prepared to do sex acts for the sake of the film's integrity, then if Justin Timberlake, for example, is cast as a young guy who goes to prison , are we to expect to see him sucking penis and being raped in the ass? And if so, what will be private about his or anyone else's private life be? Will actor's have it written in their contracts that Viagra will be provided if they cannot get it up on command- IE: "ACTION"!

JoJo blowhole

The average age of commenters on this sight is average 12 to 13! Pubescent i got to see my first pussy shot in "da mobies " bunch of 8th grade analysts! How juvenile you all are! Congrats to the immaturity in your responses juvies!


Pussy @0:01


Just goes to show that Porn has gone mainstream in Hollywood. Society will reap what society sow.


Just goes to show that Porn has gone mainstream in Hollywood. Society will reap what society sow.


The f&&k scenes feature real actors from the waist up. Porn actors from the waist down are doing the real fuc$$$g. Porn movies passed off as ahem……'art.' I wonder who Mads Mikkelsen would pick for his porn bottom in a von Trier film.


Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny is a masterpiece. Nymphomaniac is NOT


Taking dull, witless pot shots at any provocative image, just to prove you're too cool to enjoy nudity? Now that's "classy".


Why would anoyone watch this filty? You literally walk away after being a worser person.


The subliminal vagina is disgusting and perhaps a indication to the true nature of the film: an Alex Delarge-style trip to the cinema with Lars sitting in the back of the theater telling us "no, no, the treatment is not done yet." Under such an adversarial patient-doctor relationship, do people really want to subject themselves to this kind of poking and prodding? I bet the cock that she is throating is a rubber one.


a showman..the ideas and scenes are from other lesser known directors


I think the reason why Vincent Gallo's great film The Brown Bunny got such shitty press was simply because he also appears in his films. Something about the director getting head in his own film bugged so many nay sayers. If Chloe Sevigny was credited as the director of The Brown Bunny it would have won the Palm Door at Cannes and been praised by the press and especially by women writers. They would have called it courageous. Von Trier making this particular film during this particular day in age is not a courageous work. Instead it is more a trendy work.


Von Trier is smug and his work smug. I agree with Francis. Vincent Gallo is a far more individual filmmaker and Mr. Gallo doesn't seem to need the public like Von Trier does.


Yeah, this might be offensive if you're offended by sex, but I can't really figure out how this trailer is supposed to be particularly shocking. After all we are watching this on the internet, from which we can access far more shocking and disturbing images with only one or two more clicks. The mainstream is probably more disturbed by this film on a subliminal level because it features a protagonist that is a woman, who happens to really enjoy sex. Maybe the mainstream can't handle a female protagonist that is actively pursuing her own sexual conquest.

BongoKiller Clown

I find it hard to watch people have sex that are not particularly hot or sexy….just me…


"She’s in the hospital and… uhh, getting wet. Her passion visibly drips down her leg and the camera rack focuses to reveal the bandaged and unconscious face of Christian Slater’s character lying in a hospital bed. A convalescing fetish? " To me it looks more like Von Trier's sexually poetic version of Joe crying. If you sense the atmosphere in the shot and pay attention to the words she says about the sunset…"her passion" that "visibly drips down her leg" looks like a teardrop.


Lars Von Trier continues to try too hard with his "look how shocking I am" films. The truth is he is such an ordinary filmmaker with such conventional ways of of trying to show his individuality. A mainstream voice all the way. As well, he picks USA and European actors of mainstream public notice to supposedly intensify his films subversive feel. Its boring and predictable. Vincent Gallo on the other hand is the most original filmmaker making the most original and individual films out there. The Brown Bunny was not shocking but instead extremely thought provoking, moving, conceptual and highly intelligent. Gallo's last film Promises Written in Water is the best film I have ever seen and way outside of the mainstream. In a real way unlike Mr. Lars Von Trier's predictable shockers. Vincent Gallo is willing to sacrifice any market support while Lars pretends he just don't care.


That close-up that flashes through the credits is clearly Von Trier's passing to Bergman's Persona, only instead of showing us an erect penis he does the appropiate for his character. The same way the used the Bach piece on the other video, clearly a reference to his other idol, Tarkovky, whom he continues to bash with insolent/hostile dedications.


Article suggests Cannes turned it down due to quality or taste but wasn't the rejection because of it's release prior to Cannes, with the provision that they would show the full five hour cut out of competition if submitted?


you sure it's Joe's mom screaming after the Jamie Bell spanking scene?
I thought Connie Nelsen played Joe's mom. Uma Thurman played Mrs. H.


you guys really must be bored to write this crappy article

Adam Scott Thompson

I'm still trying to get my balls to come down after watching "Antichrist." Still, Von Trier is, for me, the most intriguing director in the game right now. It's as if a honey badger were making films.


While the trailer is certainly titillating I'm sure Lars has something more tragic and disturbing up his sleeve. On the surface Dancer in the Dark was a musical with Bjork, but wound up being deeply tragic and I'm betting this winds up the same way.


You forgot to mention the most disturbing element of the hospital shot.

Slater plays her father.


This movie looks hilarious.


serge rolls over in his grave……with jealousy.


100% Gallo.

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