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‘The Best Man Holiday’ Looks Solid For A Potential $100 Million Gross

'The Best Man Holiday' Looks Solid For A Potential $100 Million Gross

Back in September, on this site, Tambay speculated that The Best Man Holiday, which is opening
this Friday, could hit the coveted $100
mark at the box office (read that post HERE).

The article got a lot of comments, with some of you saying
that it definitely would, while others
where very skeptical (including myself, dare I say). 

Well, it looks like the naysayers could very well be wrong.

The Chicago Sun Times today reports that the film is
enjoying incredible advance ticket sales around the country, primarily by women, of course (with a few guys dragged into buying tickets) and that many screenings
are sold out already.

The article reports that women are planning to see the
film in groups of friends, as many as 35 together. Even sororities have been buying block of
tickets for shows around the country, guaranteeing sold out screenings this weekend.

According to Harry
of ticket sales site Fandango, “Clearly,
this is a social phenomenon where moviegoers have been planning for weeks in
advance. They’re guaranteeing their seats because they know it’s going to be
sold out on opening weekend. This is definitely one of our top sellers of the

Also according to Medved, … polling found that 73 percent
of advance ticket buyers had seen the original film three times or more, and 40
percent will see the sequel with four or more friends,
” and that they haven’t
seen this kind of anticipation for a romantic film since the Sex and the City movie, which grossed over $152 million domestic.

So there you have it. 

By Sunday, when this weekend’s box office results are reported, we’ll know more of
the story…

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Sebastian K Young

The Best Mans Holiday!

This is one of the very best movie I have seen in a long time. Well let me start off saying I had my own preconceived thought on how this movie was to play out. When the movie started I didn't like the choices in the wardrobe, yet as thought back it was done to be a distraction. Mia had a big role to play while not drawing much attention. Then let the emotional rollercoster begin! I never seen a movie Theater with men and women tearing and then turned into a cry fest. You will forget that you are in a theater full people thinking that your there alone. The frequent moments of laughter will quickly turn and spin you in another direction I really don't want to give anything away but Morris Chestnut showed what faith is! People were wailing in the theater like we were in church when the Holy Spirit is on a all time high. I broken out into one of those sobs where I couldn't breathe. I went through the full range of emotions and a self evaluation during this movie. This movie will then bring you back to a even higher since of laughter. This movie has you provoking your thought, send you to a higher level of thinking and reacting to what is to come up next even in your own life. Speak Life!!!



I absolutely loved this movie. Hilarious, witty, contemporary but tastefully done and extremely emotional. I'm hoping this is a winner this weekend because 'The Best Man Holiday' was definitely worth the 14 year wait. It also seems as though a 3rd one is riding on how successful this one is *fingers crossed* everyone go see it, you will definitely enjoy it


I saw this movie Wednesday night at an advanced screening. I heard the crowd (95% black, I would guess). I read the reviews (Variety & HR). And a few other factors. You're looking at a 20-30 mil domestic opening weekend (40+ year old ladies and perhaps the curiosity factor) and then a 50% percent dropoff. Only way 100 mil is happening with this movie is if you factor international sales.


This is great news! Congrats!


I think the film will benefit greatly from Wolf on Wall Street being pushed back, but there will be an issue with its long term box office. If it doesn't hit big in the first week, I don't know about hitting $100 million. Especially since Hunger Games and the new Vince Vaughn film come the week after.


I'm not AA, but I caught the original on TV a few months ago and loved the characters. When I found out about the sequel, I was ecstatic. I only had to wait a few months….
I'll be there. It just seems like an old-fashioned film about all the drama that happens with and between men and women.
I'm rooting for its success.


Good to hear. Will be supporting it aplenty.


In the other post, I said between $25 to $35 million opening weekend with the final cume topping off at around $60 million. Considering the increased buzz and uptick in awareness (I'm starting to see commercials on mainstream programs like NFL games), I'm willing to increase my prediction. I think a final cume somewhere betweent $70 million and $80 million is within reach. I'm still not sure if it could capture the mainstream audience needed to reach $100 million. But I say this, they are definitely trending upwards. I would be very happy if it reached $100 million though.


Hopefully it flops.

Monique A Williams

Yes! Hoping nothing but the best for The Best Man Holiday!!!


I saw a pre screening of the film and every single person, including myself enjoyed the hell out of it.


Should we anticipate "The Best Man III?"


Last Sunday, one of the morning shows featured anticipated holiday movies and neglected to mention this one. I hope this movie blows everything else right out of the water.


Looking forward to seeing this movie. Love films about AA that don't need gangsters, drug dealers, the "N" word and SWG's to pass off as entertainment.

Dui J

I just hope the actors benefit financially from there talent… What talent!!!

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