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Trailer – ‘Wigger Please’ (Doc On Whites Appropriating Black Culture)

Trailer - 'Wigger Please' (Doc On Whites Appropriating Black Culture)

As the saying goes, everybody wants to be black, but nobody wants to be black. Although I believe the actual Paul Mooney quote goes something like this: “Everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga.”

Check out a trailer for an upcoming long-in-development documentary directed by Jonathan Ashley, (a Kartemquin Films DVID alum) titled Wigger Please (“Wigger” as in whites who “act black” – or at least, what they perceive “acting black” looks and sounds like. The most basic of definitions). It’s a film that asks, “how do you appreciate a culture beyond a skin deep level?”

In the film…
A group of white artists & activists share their thoughts, emotions and opinions on the American cultural stereotype of “wiggers”—white youth who “act black”—while illustrating how their lives and consciousness were forever changed by their involvement in hip hop culture. 

Some of the talking heads featured in the film include: Bill Adler, Baje One, Baba Israel, Tom Breihan, Kevin Coval, GQ, JQ, Jus Rhyme, Jim Mahfood, Jason Tanz, Erik Weiner, and Tim Wise.

No ETA on a release yet. But you can follow the film’s progress via its Facebook page HERE, or Twitter HERE.

Watch the trailer below:

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Reminds me of this video about Charlamange Tha God talking about Miley Cyrus and how black culture is not for her and how you don't want to be black. "Don't be a waste of white skin," He says. I'm surprised wigger is still a term and that people still do it. I don't mind if you embrace it, but as black as they wanna be, they're still going to get a little bit of that white privilege. They will never know truly what it's like being black in America.

Agree with SBEE3, you really have to take it back if you really wanna understand and appreciate black culture, as well as conversing with BLACK PEOPLE!


To truly appreciate black culture in the US, they should have to go back to the beginning…

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