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Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fights Drug Cartels In First Trailer For David Ayer’s ‘Sabotage’

Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fights Drug Cartels In First Trailer For David Ayer's 'Sabotage'

After the flops “The Last Stand” and “Escape Plan,” it’s becoming a real question as to whether audiences want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in anything that’s not a pre-built franchise. But maybe surrounding him with a massive ensemble—Sam WorthingtonTerrence HowardJoe ManganielloDawn OlivieriMalin AkermanOlivia Williams, Mirielle Enos and Josh Holloway—might get a few more people in the door.

That’s certainly the hope, as the first trailer for David Ayer‘s “Sabotage” (formerly known as “Ten“) has arrived and it’s pretty generic stuff. Arnie leads the movie as the head of an elite crew of cops who has to figure out who among his trusted allies nicked $10 million from their recent cartel bust. And as suspicion and explosions get raised, Miss Cross struts around in an amazing haircut and pretty much steals the entire trailer from Arnie and the rest of the grimy, muscled up picture.

This one has danced with a few release dates, but will now drop on April 11, 2014, which at least shows that Open Road has some confidence that this will connect with moviegoers. But what do you think?

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Escape Plan cost 50 million (according to IMDB and other sites)… 103 million of worldwide gross is a good hit…


Some of those people you mentioned are no longer in the film.

Roger Wilco

Escape Plan was far from a bomb, it made a ton more than Last Stand in the US and currently over 100 million worldwide, with expectations nearing 120+. Please get your facts straight.

Bob Fun

Looks good, but so tired of watching 'Captive woman' trope.


Haha, yes people will be lining up for the new Joe Manganiello movie. When is King Conan shooting?

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