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Watch: Emile Hirsch and Penelope Cruz in Love and War in Trailer New for ‘Twice Born’

Watch: Emile Hirsch and Penelope Cruz in Love and War in Trailer New for 'Twice Born'

Even with grayed hair and wrinkle makeup, the stoic beauty of Penelope Cruz is in full effect in the latest trailer for “Twice Born,” the latest film from Italian actor-director Sergio Castellito. In a story spanning 18 years, Cruz and co-star Emile Hirsch bring the characters of a bestselling, European love story during the tragic Balkan Wars to life.

Based on the book by Margaret Mazzantini, “Twice Born” follows an Italian professor named Gemma (Cruz) who brings her teenage son Pietro (Pietro Castellito) on a summer vacation to Sarajevo. It was in the vibrant, energetic city where Gemma met Diego (Hirsch) an American photographer with whom she began a passionate love affair. Not long after, Gemma and Diego’s relationship fell victim to Sarajevo’s period of violent and tragic war. Gemma longs to show her son the city where she loved and lost his father. 18 years later, in a city she thought she knew, Gemma begins to unravel hidden truths behind her escape and faces her tragic past.

“Twice Born” begins a limited run on Dec 6. Check out the trailer below.

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we are making film based in east europe, actors must all have bad hair, bushy eyebrows and massive beards/sideburns!


Is is an utterly terrible film, it was a massive flop in Spain.

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