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Watch: Exclusive Trailer For BBC’s ‘The Vivian Maier Mystery’ Uncovers an Enigmatic Artist

Watch: Exclusive Trailer For BBC's 'The Vivian Maier Mystery' Uncovers an Enigmatic Artist

The photographs of Vivian Maier have appeared in magazines, been exhibited around the world and even been published in a book highlighting Maier’s work. But it was only in the past half-decade that such prestige and accomplishments have come to the late photographer. Indiewire has obtained an exclusive look at the trailer for “The Vivian Maier Mystery,” a new TV documentary that attempts to uncover the inscrutable nature of Maier’s life and career. Note that this is not the same film as “Finding Vivian Maier,” which recently screened at DOC NYC and is being developed into a narrative feature by Killer Films.

Born in the United States in the 1920’s and moving back and forth between here and France, Maier eventually settled in Chicago during the 1950’s to work as a nanny. It is here that Maier’s creative eye blossomed, devoting her extra time to capturing the streets of the Windy City. But this undertaking remained unknown to those around her, and the fact that she was self-taught and knew no other photographers only heightened the singularity of her artistic pursuit. When a suitcase containing hundreds of rolls of film amassing Maier’s work is found in a storage container several decades later, bringing to light her particular and unique eye.

FilmBuff releases the 50-minute TV doc onto VOD December 17. Watch the exclusive trailer below:

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:( Every time I hit play, it tells me the video is private. Guess I will have to search youtube on my own.

brian fantana

sleazy all around – not surprising from this distributor


I have seen the BBC documentary which is "The Vivian Maier Mystery" and I have watched "Finding Vivian Maier". Quite frankly, the BBC documentary seems like a fairly bad copy of "Finding Vivian Maier" and it misses to explore a lot of the things which have been explored in the other Vivian Maier film which has just premiered in Toronto and in New York at DOC NYC.


What's nearly comical about this is the need to create a "mystery" from this artist life. It's borderline disrespectful to do so, to sell people on this woman's creative output, which isn't appreciated but sold as if she's some sort of "freak."

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