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Watch: First Trailer For Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical Epic ‘Noah’ Starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson & More

Watch: First Trailer For Darren Aronofsky's Biblical Epic 'Noah' Starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson & More

“In the Bible the story is only a couple of pages, and the perception we have of it in the West is more as a children’s toy—an old man with a long beard and animals two by two on the boat. And there’s so much more to the story than that…there’s a lot of clues there about what the story means. So it was about trying to create a world where the story of Noah could be truthful and could take place, and make it something that could connect to a modern audience,” director Darren Aronofsky told us last year, just two weeks after he had wrapped filming. With the time since spent working on the extensive special effects and whatever issues might be happening behind-the-scenes, reportedly battling the studio over final cut (it’s still test screening), it looks like everyone involved is satisfied that all will be resolved as the first trailer has washed ashore.

After a shitty bootleg made the rounds, the new spot lets everyone see what Aronofsky and his cast have been working on all this time. Of course, everyone knows Noah from the Bible as the guy who built the ark, rounded up the animals two by two, and survived the flood with his family while the rest of the world washed. This version is rumored to have an environmental bent—something the director has long talked about—and feature fantasy elements you didn’t learn about on Sundays. That said, word is that religious audiences haven’t rolled with this take the way Paramount might’ve hoped, so we’ll see if Aronofsky’s original vision is retained and softened by time this comes out.

“Noah” gets on the water on March 28, 2014. Watch below. A 2nd international trailer with additional footage has arrived as well. The music in the first trailer is Audiomachine‘s “New Beginning.” If it sounds like very trailer-like music, that’s because it is. Audiomachine are not a band so much and more of a boutique, motion picture advertising music production house, specializing in original music and sound design specifically engineered for the high end trailer market.

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Saw the shorts last night. Another epic for Russ which could only be bettered by the actual strory of his life. Great to see Russell Crowe being played by Noah. Only seems last week he was being played by Robin Hood, middle-aged version. At least they are putting him in more age-appropriate roles these days. Can't wait for the life story of Methuselah directed by Peter Jackson in 50 parts, one released each Christmas. A Hollywood money-spinner fo sho!


Hahaha! What the hell did I just watch?
What was that nonsense?


oh cute, the bible – lord of the rings edition


WTF is Aronofsky thinking… WTF are any of them thinking?? This has "craptastic" written all over it. Egads!

So on the nose, so ridiculously overwrought… so, so… Biblical.

Red-staters will love it (if not flock to it… ar-ar-ar!)

nadine roberts

obviously the director failed to see the memo in which it was stated
no one wants to see crowe in nuthin…


i thought this was going to be a biblical film. this looks like the sequel to "2012"


hmm, i guess the cgi for the fallen angels isn't quite done yet. the graphic novel adaptation of the screenplay shows a more fantastical nature to the tale.

mongoloid mike

spoiler alert:

the script is loaded with giants that are 18 feet tall who help build the ark and yet this trailer has no hint of that. leaving that out of the marketing materials might surprise the hell out of people and cause it to be more of a joke than intended.


I've loved all of Aronofsky's movies so far, but this looks very bland. Hope the trailer isn't very representative, because otherwise: disappointing…


Looks really bad


It looks interesting. I'm sure there's more to it than the trailer suggest: it is Aronofsky afterall


Looks terrific, even if CGI doesn't quite live up to "the hardest job ever done by ILM". But it's just the first trailer I guess.

Ray Winstone f@cks sh1t up in the most satisfying fashion as always.

Looking forward to it – not every day or even decade do we see an auteur director armed with a blockbuster budget.

I liked it better when it was titled 2012

Can't believe it :)

tristan eldritch

Man, I hate CGI. It's always been the same unconvincing crap from day one.


Hmmmm, maybe this does have the potential to be as hilariously ridiculous a cheesefest as 2012. Because it sure as hell can't be taken seriously. Not sure if po-faced Aaronofsky has the Master Emmerich's Midas touch of camp bullshit though.




CG animals look terrible. Aronofsky should have seen more John Woo films to learn how to use doves. Doves don't fly like that.


Looks like typical summer blockbluster garbage.


i09 wrote 'Ye Olde Day After Tomorrow'


I think "Evan Almighty" is a better film than this.

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