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Watch: Jennifer Lawerence Loves Her Perfume In New Clip From ‘American Hustle’

Watch: Jennifer Lawerence Loves Her Perfume In New Clip From 'American Hustle'

And the clock continues to tick down for “American Hustle,” it remains, along with “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” the only true question mark of the awards season. Is it going to put David O. Russell back in the awards race following two big successes with “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” or is just a big piece of pop eye candy? We’ll leave the answer to the pundits for now, and just enjoy this new clip instead.

This latest look at the movie, running nearly two minutes long, gathers up 3/4 of the core of the ensemble—Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner—and nicely conveys the excess of the lifestyle this tale of politics and corruption is set against. And keep your ears wide open because right at the beginning of the scene, every so briefly, we’re pretty sure that’s Robert De Niro‘s voice (yep, he’s in the movie, but his role is apparently small, just fyi).

Enough talk, watch below. “American Hustle” opens on December 18th.

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Oh hey its tiffany from silver linings playbook again.

Adam Scott Thompson

Adams's hair in that first pic reminds me of Whitney Houston, circa "I Wanna Dance with Somebody."


I like Jennifer Lawerence but she is clearly way too young to be playing this character. I just can't get over how young she is compared to the rest of the cast. I'm only a few months younger than she is so maybe it's just me that feels she's so out of place.


Poor attempt by ms lawrence to do an accent.


I don't know why that picture of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams looks like something out of a soap opera. I'm sure the movie is going to be really good but the way they're standing just looks so melodramatic.


Wow, so many things wrong in this write-up. First of all Amy Adams is nowhere in the clip. Elisabeth Röhm is the other woman. Secondly, Lawrence is not playing a con artist, she's playing the wife of a con artist (Christian Bale) whose partner in crime is played by Adams, who once again is not it this clip. Thirdly, Renner's character is not the agent but Cooper's is. In fact Renner is the guy who their after, he's the corrupt mayor of Camden. Plus the character, who's voice can be heard in the beginning of the clip, is called Rocco by the others and De Niro's character is named Victor Tellegio, so chances are that wasn't him.

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