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Watch: Kanye West’s “Bound 2” Video Starring A Topless Kim Kardashian Is A Disasterpiece

Watch: Kanye West’s “Bound 2” Video Starring A Topless Kim Kardashian Is A Disasterpiece

The music video, when executed well, can arguably be a form of small-screen cinema. Hell, we recently discussed ten filmmakers who made the leap from the world of music videos into the world of feature-length narrative moviemaking and that list is long and arguably well-documented. Well, if a music video can be art, this Nick Night-directed video (he’s a British fashion photographer) is pretty much the opposite. 

Featuring the most terrible, hilariously bad green screen, the video for Kanye West’s “Bound 2,” off Yeezus, which debuted on “Ellen” of all places, is all kinds of wrong, perhaps evoking the over-the-top passions of “Purple Rain” and “Top Gun.” And of course it has West’s fiancé Kim Kardashian topless (did they CGI out those nipples?) We’ll say this, West is a pretty savvy guy, so whatever he’s going for here, it’s intentional for better or worse. Check it out below.

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the worst ever song in human history

Thuan Dang

Uh, music videos are a form of small-screen cinema. That's not even arguable. It is art… And man, you realize it's intentional but can't see its intention? Ouff…

He's critiquing America yo, through juxtaposition. It's basically the music video version of Komar and Melamid's America's Most Wanted (and instead of George Washington, they threw in an eagle lol).

David, you gotta open your mind up to the idea of "art." I think your's is quite limited. It's not about pretty pictures and being liked. Art is criticism. Political, cultural, racial issues and the list goes on and on my man.


Crazy production value!!! How did the crew get some of those shots of them riding on the highway???!!!!!!!!


Uh, it makes an impression…


Terrible video for a terrible song

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