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Watch: See a Very Different Side of Vanessa Hudgens in Trailer for ‘Gimme Shelter’

Watch: See a Very Different Side of Vanessa Hudgens in Trailer for 'Gimme Shelter'

“Spring Breakers” star Vanessa Hudgens seems to be really going for it as she chops off her long feminine locks in the trailer for her upcoming movie, the gritty drama “Gimme Shelter.”

Based on a true story, “Gimme Center” centers on Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Hudgens), who runs away from her drug addicted mother (Rosario Dawson) to find her estranged father (Brendan Fraser). When she finds out she’s pregnant, she’s forced into another dire situation. 

Roadside Attractions opens the film Jan. 24.

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In case anybody wanted to know, here are the two songs used in the trailer. The first one is Stand Point Theory by Pocket Vinyl:

and the second one is Born To Die by Lana Del Rey: You're welcome!

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I was really surprised by Vanessa Hudgens' performance, especially after that pointless introduction to the trailer. She looks very promising. The first half of the trailer is also very good. However, the trailer did not excite me. Even though "Born to Die" might adjust to the lead character's path and feelings, the song is misused in the final segments of the trailer. I was disappointed for Vanessa Hudgens, for Lana Del Rey and for Ron Krauss (whose work, unfamiliar to me, being ruined by the incompetent marketers and the movie trailer producers). It fails in conveying the brutality and dramatic tones of the film as well as the brilliance of the supposedly extraordinary performance by Vanessa Hudgens. In other words, the trailer promotes a film for one to watch on television, during a lazy afternoon (not to see in a movie theater, which is a serious mistake), and to immediately after forget it. It also gives the impression that this film did not go according to plan.

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