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Watch: Stanley Tucci Lusts Over Alice Eve in Trailer for Neil LaBute’s Latest

Watch: Stanley Tucci Lusts Over Alice Eve in Trailer for Neil LaBute's Latest

Tribeca Film has released the first trailer for “Some Velvet Morning,” the thriller many critics have praised as a return to form for writer-director Neil LaBute since its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Starring Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve, the film follows a man who arrives at the doorstep of his mistress after four years apart, claiming he has left his wife and wishes to rekindle their romance. The trailer highlights the playful moments between them but as she rejects his attempts, the tone of his visit devolves into a dark obsession.

Check out The Playlist glowing review of the film here HERE and watch the trailer below:

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I read the screenplay for this a couple of years ago, when I was a reader for a production house, and gave it the lowest rating possible. Fortunately, the company passed on it. This is self-absorbed mid-life-crisis, utterly sexist crap. SPOILER: the ending, where it turns out the woman is a sex worker, not a rape victim is insulting on so many levels. It's absolutely not OK to exploit women like this, boys. It's the equivalent of making a film with a black character whose sole purpose is to serve as bumbling, dopey, eye-rolling comic relief, with dialogue like: "Sho nuff, Mista laBute." No filmmaker would dare to make something that offensive to black people, but people like LaBute think it's perfectly fine to keep dishing out offensive portrayals of women. Well, it's not OK. Get with it!

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