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Watch: The Full-Length Trailer for HBO’s ‘Looking’ Promises a Realistic Glimpse of Gay Life in San Francisco

Watch: The Full-Length Trailer for HBO's 'Looking' Promises a Realistic Glimpse of Gay Life in San Francisco

HBO’s released a full-length trailer for “Looking,” its upcoming comedy drama about a group of gay men living in San Francisco. created by Michael Lannan and directed by Andrew Haigh (“Weekend”). The series, which premieres January 19th and will be fittingly paired with season three of “Girls,” HBO’s other show about young city life, stars Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett and is being touted as a grounded, realistic depiction of contemporary gay life and relationships. The trailer’s set to St. Lucia’s “All Eyes On You” and certainly looks lovely — Reed Morano (“Kill Your Darlings,” “For Ellen”) is the series’ cinematographer. Weigh in with your impressions in the comments.

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Donald Suggs

A new comedy/drama series on HBO, set in San Francisco about a group of gay men. Check it out, I think we should order HBO!

bob hawk

Trailers are sometimes extremely misleading and unreliable barometers for what the real thing is. And how can anybody judge much of anything in this age of slice 'n' dice, don't-hold-any-shot-longer-than-three-seconds editing? Let's watch a few full episodes before dumping on something.


Trust in HBO and the creative team involved with this series.
Plus we need it to succeed, otherwise who knows when we will get anything more than scraps in "mainstream" series.


"Dawson's Creek" for the gays??? BTW, I'm gay and this looks boring!


I really think that this has potential. Yes, there are some certain aspects that you can compare to Dunham's show but I feel that what Girls is lacking, Looking may be better. Girl is starting its third season and it's completely stuck. There's no development in there. The stories feel the same since Episode 1. Sure, fans of the show may say that it is exactly Dunham wants, which is a childish character that never really grows or has any insights of her own. I don't buy that. I'm kind of sick of it, actually. I'm really interested in Looking. Andrew Haigh is involved. He did a fantastic job on Weekend. That film is phenomenal. I'll definitely tune in.


Agreed William Morris. Bland. Will tune in out of curiosity, and Morano's cinematography (ironic that Instagram is referenced) is the star of that clip. The whole thing is reminiscent of WEEKEND just not as sharp, so we'll see.


This really looks rather bland.

Despite the creators protests – this looks like the gay answer to "Girls".

As a gay person, I'd rather see our stories integrated in the larger world of a series than an entire one dedicated to just US. I'll admit, I'll be tuning into "Looking" out of curiosity, but I don't expect much. Having experienced this life, it is really NOT that interesting. "Girls" works because we are spending as much time laughing at this characters as we are laughing with them. Can and will "Looking" be able to poke fun at this community? From the looks of this, what is so different about this show from every other piece of gay cinema or television?

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