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Watch: Trailer For ‘Machete Kills Again…In Space!’ Starring Danny Trejo, Lady Gaga & Robot Justin Bieber

Watch: Trailer For 'Machete Kills Again...In Space!' Starring Danny Trejo, Lady Gaga & Robot Justin Bieber

It was already a bit improbable that “Machete Kills” was made at all, and considering that the sequel made about a third of what the original “Machete” did (a measly $14 million worldwide) it’s probably a safe bet that the tossed-around trilogy capper “Machete Kills Again…In Space!” probably won’t happen. But that’s what we figured the first time around, so who knows. In any event, if it never comes to pass, this trailer will live on forever.

For the few of you who saw “Machete Kills” in theaters this is old news, but for everyone else, this fake teaser for ‘In Space’ preceded the feature and it’s pretty much what you expect. Danny Trejo does his thing, this time in space where he gets the space-babes, does some lightsabre-esque stuff, squares off against a tentatively-scheduled Leonardo DiCaprio while robot Justin Bieber bounces around in the background. It’s pretty stupid/awesome, but it’s about par for the course with this franchise. Anyway, give it a whirl below and let us know if you’d actually want to see a full length movie of this. [Reddit]

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Can you belive Lady Gaga and Danny Trejo have hooked up 3 different times? Source: DejaScene


I just wish Rodriguez put more focus on making the movies FUN & not just on stunt casting. Like if you're gonna do stunt casting cast interesting genre people NOT just "famous movie star you had some beers with at that one film premiere & they have a day with nothing planned"


i really hope the 3rd one happends, loved the 2nd machete flick. also got a huge machete poster signed by danny trejo and alexa vega.

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