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Weekend B.O. Nov.1-3 (This ‘Game’ Won’t Surpass ‘Games’)

Weekend B.O. Nov.1-3 (This ‘Game’ Won't Surpass ‘Games’)

great hope that they found their own Twilight or Hunger Games tentpole movie
series fell way short of the mark.

Their Ender’s Game was No.1 this weekend, but making
what’s considered to be a something of a disappointment with an opening $28 million. Compare that to what insiders are already predicting
that Catching Fire, the second
installment of the Hunger Games series which opens on Nov. 22, could gross as much
as $150 million its opening weekend.

Why Ender’s Game, which is based on a 1985 popular book written
by Orson Scott Card and spawned a
series of sequels, didn’t do the blockbuster business that was hoped, is anybody’s guess.

There was some talk about starting a boycott against the
film due to Card’s own extreme right wing, Tea Partyish political views in which
he has compared President Obama to “Hitler” and “Stalin” and that Obama was planning to start a “national police force of young
out-of-work urban men.
” (Sounds like Card has watched Birth of a Nation one too many times. Which make me wonder what Viola Davis, who’s in Ender’s Game, feels
about being in the film?) However no organized boycott ever materialized.

Meanwhile Disney/Marvel’s
Thor: The Dark World
which opens here in the U.S. this Friday and will, of course, be No.1 next weekend, opened with
a very impressive $109.4 million overseas in 38 countries this weekend making it the fourth largest
international opening this year.

Bad Grandpa
held on very solidly for a second place finish
this weekend.

And continuing in strength is 12 Years a Slave which took in $4.6
in 410 screens, an increase from 123 theaters last week, with total
so far of over $8.7 million an impressive
figure in only after 17 days in limited release.

1) Ender’s Game LG/S $28,000,000 –
2) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Par. $20,500,000 Total: $62,058,000 
3) Last Vegas CBS $16,520,000 
4) Free Birds Rela. $16,200,000 
5) Gravity WB $13,130,000 Total: $219,196,000 
6) Captain Phillips Sony $8,500,000  Total: $82,551,000 
7) 12 Years a Slave FoxS $4,600,000 Total: $8,760,000 
8) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $4,200,000 – Total: $106,195,000 
9) Carrie SGem $3,400,000 -Total: $31,973,000 
10) The Counselor Fox $3,250,000 Total: $13,368,000
11) Escape Plan LG/S $2,280,000 Total: $21,600,000 
12) About Time Uni. $1,100,000 

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In my opinion, and I haven't seen Enders Game, just the trailer… the problem here is the lead, Asa Butterfield. He lacks the "endearing kid" gene. It's what killed Hugo's box office.


I'm really just trying to understand the first two sentences of this article concerning Ender's Game and comparing to the hopes that SUMMIT would have a tentpole series?????

Umm TWILIGHT is a SUMMIT series, and Hunger Games is a Lionsgate property – And LG is now The Parent Company of SUMMIT!

Were you aware of that. With this information doesn't the first sentence make the entire article kinda ridiculous?


Carey Carey should do some research. Requiem For A Dream grossed $7 million worldwide
according to Box Office Mojo. Hard to take someone seriously when they make up figures.
Ever heard of racial profiling?


The even more pertinent question is why Gavin Hood, who directed "Ender's Game" continues to get work – especially big budget action/adventure movies like this one. The man directed "Tsotsi," the South African drama which I thought was one of the most undeserving Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winners. And immediately after that, he was hired to direct "Rendition" (his Hollywood debut, which starred *name* actors like Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon). "Rendition" was both a critical and commercial flop (a $30+ million film that brought in less than $10 million total, and was reviewed poorly overall). But then, despite that, what does Hollywood do next for Mr Hood? They give him an even larger budget, to direct the first "Wolverine" movie – $150 million budget (not including P&A costs). And, as we all know, that movie was also a critical flop. It was reviewed even worse than "Rendition" was. And even though it grossed $179 domestic, expectations were for higher numbers. And the fact that the studio felt the need to make a second "Wolverine" movie, just a few years later, with a different director, says something about how they felt about Gavin Hood's film. And you'd think, after that, we'd hear a bit less about Gavin Hood, or, at least, it might be a long while before he's hired to make anymore Hollywood films. But no! After a couple of years picking up some TV work, he's hired to direct yet another big budget special effects-heavy, action/adventure movie in "Ender's Game" – a film that, based on pre-release trailers and clips alone, I felt just wasn't going to do very well. And based on results thus far, it doesn't look like it's going to be the commercial success that Lionsgate's Summit was hoping for. In fact, I'd be surprised if it even makes $100 million domestic. After an OK 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (83 critics give it a thumbs up; 51 give it a thumbs down) thus far, word of mouth – at least from those who've seen it, whose thoughts I've been reading and hearing – isn't very strong. So I don't think it's a movie with legs going into next weekend and after. I expect a large drop in ticket sales next weekend.

Gavin Hood is one very lucky man! By all accounts, he really shouldn't be in the position he's in now. If he were a black director, after the first flop, he'd be done. Actually, if he were a black South African director, work may not have even been guaranteed after winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for "Tsotsi," let alone, being hired to direct Hollywood stars in big budget action movies. I'd make a somewhat similar statement about Zack Snyder. Black directors just don't get the same kinds of opportunities to fail. Once we fail, that's it. No more opportunities. Or we are relegated to directing "Black movies" only (see Tim Story as an example). Although, even those are going to white directors, more and more, it seems.

Don't be surprised if Gavin Hood's next project is directing one of the upcoming "Star Wars" movies that Disney has in its pipeline. Or maybe the "Black Panther" movie Marvel has been talking about for years.


I tried to read Ender's Game and couldn't get into it. The movie looked even less interesting than the book.


HELL NO… we won't go!

Well, I should have said these box office numbers ( from a black's perspective) is a bunch of BS. Listen, I'm looking at those numbers wondering which ones are black dollars? I mean, I can safely assume 12 Years A Slave's total is comprised of black faces, but what about the rest of those silly *coughwhitecough * movies… do blacks actually pay to see them?

Well, as the song goes "is you is or is you ain't my baby" is not really my bone of contention today, I'd simply like to propose a system that reflects the color/race of everyone who buys a ticket.

I am dead serious. Think about it, wouldn't it be great if we could stop all the ridiculous blather about "blacks don't support this genre" and "white folks don't like black movies because…" and "The Butler was mainly supported by the church going crowd"?

Think how useful this information could be for black filmmakers. Look at it like this, the black dollar and black viewership (to be brutally honest) is a very small segment of the moviegoing audience. So it's safe to say a black filmmaker, producer or director, directing a majority black cast film cannot expect a healthy return on his dollar with a movie like Requiem Of A Dream. OH MY GOD! That film starring Jennifer Connelly in that infamous "Butt-to-Butt" porn scene grossed over 150 million dollars. For those who haven't seen that movie (it's playing on Netflix) Jennifer Connelly is a dope head who will do anything to get what she needs. So in the ending scene we see her and another woman double-donging each other back-to-back, butt-to-butt while a crowd of frenzied white guys yell "COME COME COME". Yep, that's some grossed out mess… but the movie made millions.

But I wonder if black dollars was in the mix? Well, Sergio might have paid to see that but…

Anyway, I'm just saying, if we can put a man on the moon, spy on our e-mails and find out if Mr. Obama was really born in Hawaii, I am pretty sure there's a way to determine what movies Betty Crocker, Leon, Becky, Big Willie, Big Bubba and snotty LaTisha are paying to see.

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