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Whoopi Goldberg Comes Face To Face With The Impact Of Her Roles

Whoopi Goldberg Comes Face To Face With The Impact Of Her Roles

This video has been making the rounds and we should have
gotten to it sooner but, hey, we can’t be everywhere all the place, all the time.

It’s Whoopi
, on a recent appearance on a talk show on NTR – Dutch Public Television; during a discussion about
diversity in the media, a man comes up to the mic to express how Goldberg’s role as
Guinan in the Star Trek The Next Generation TV series profoundly shaped his life.

Goldberg’s reaction to what he says is truly moving and
very human, and another reminder of the power of the media to change lives in
a powerful way.

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AWESOME CLIP!!! People forget how awesome she is! Thank you!


Thank you for posting this. How moving!


Beautiful….In the end he ultimately encouraged Whoopi more than she encouraged him.


This was amazing, so glad its online!


Thank you for this Sergio!!!


Another reason for us whose platform will reach the world, to be mind of what we do, how we do why we do what we do in our lifetime. We have to remind ourselves that our presence will change lives and will take others through new dimension of how to live this human experience weather we dared to or not. We just have to be mindful of the impact we have on them (viewers if our works). Be it positive or negative, we, not just as the artist but as human beings can shape our works, our light into wonders that may cause a shift in another person(s) life. What kind of light will your wonder be?


That was very touching!.. I never realized Star Trek was the first sci-fi show to have Black people.


Damn… The blurb made me cynical to watch this but now I'm struggling to keep my contacts in. Very touching.


Beautiful… simply beautiful!

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