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Whoopi Goldberg Sells Interracial Comedy Spec To ABC

Whoopi Goldberg Sells Interracial Comedy Spec To ABC

Whoopi Goldberg and Ben Silverman have teamed up to sell an interracial comedy spec script to ABC titled Iman & Andy, which will follow two 20-something coworkers who work at an online magazine, who are happily secretly dating, until when their new editor-in-chief exposes them as a couple, and forces them to team up on a relationship advice blog.

The spec script is being written by Angela Ruhinda, and will be executive produced by Goldberg and Silverman, along with Tom LeonardisJimmy Fox, and Principato-Young Entertainment.

“I’m so excited we are doing this together. I think this is going to be fun and interesting television,” said Goldberg. 

Up next for Whoopi, an adaptation of Terry McMillan’s A Day Late and a Dollar Short for Lifetme. Her HBO documentary Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley, made its debut on the network earlier this week.

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so this careycarey's playground to pretend to be other people, huh?


Carey, do not take this as an apology.

I've read your passive-aggressive rebuttal that may have convinced the casual reader that your intentions were not meant as an attack on me. But, having read many of your underhanded comments I was not moved. However, when you suggested it's disingenuous to bemoan the antic of a ghost, a person no one knows and cannot see, I was given reason to pause.

You're arguably the loudest reader on this board. On many occasions your comments are laughable to a degree they're easily cast aside as the thoughts of a blowhard clown. On the contrary, some are valid, indicating the thought process of someone who pays attention to details and is no one's fool, although he loves prancing around in that shtick (The hayseed from Iowa)….

In short, sometimes you are and other times you're not an ignorant assh*le who discourse is wasted on. This time, I believe your initial post here had nothing to do with black love and everything to do with trying to paint me as something I'm not. I don't love white men. I've been vocal about my disdain for Olivia/Fitz, that Deception was garbage, that Sleepy Hollow is barely mediocre, and that the concept for Whoopi's series sounds dumb.

That said, sometimes I do take you seriously. On this issue you did push my buttons. So until we meet again F*ck outta here. F*ck, f*ck, f*ckety f*ck, f*ck yooouuuuu-oouu-oouuu CareyCarey. And f*ck the fangirl Scripttease and f*ck Monique a Williams for condoning your hackneyed attempts at putting words in my mouth, just f*ck off.


All these black woman/white man storylines are designed to exploit the insecurities of black women who crave the validaion of white men. Less than half of one percent of white men actually marry a black woman. So why are most of the black women on television partnered with a white lover. It's strange. White men have had unfettered access to the bodies of black women for 400 years so it's really nothong new. It's about the fact that the ultimate fantasy of many sisters is to be desired by a white man. For a white man to choose a black woman over a white woman is something many sisters dream of.


This black woman and her white lover theme is getting real played right about now. A lot of black women are living vicariously through these interracial storylines. Sad.


What's funny is that the description never said exactly what race Andy might be, and there are a lot of assumptions running 'round the comments section…it would be interesting if Andy turned out to be Southeast Asian. Would that still bring out the haters?


I guess it's safe to say, it will attract Scandal's viewers. However, I doubt I'll watch. I don't check for Scandal either. Until I see more Black Love, I really do not care to support any of these films and shows. I wish Whoopi the best of luck, but I want to see Black Folks loving each other… what is the issue?


Peggy, you sound extra bitter. Keep fantasizing about your white saviour.


Almost every black woman on a major television show has a white love interest. Shanola Hampton, Kerry Washington, Meagan Goode, Rutina Wesley, Nicole Beharie….The networks, in an effort to duplicate Scandal's success are going to churn out as many black woman/white man love stories as they can.


I imagine Whoopi is excited about this project. She hasn't met a white man she didn't marry or cavort with. Her and Sherri's identity esteem is quite low. In a way, I hope Sherri moves on with her "Beulah act".


I'll be looking for it. I'm more interested in the Terry McMillan adaptation for Lifetime

Monique A Williams

Sounds like fun! Go girl!


Whoopi is gettin' her ducks in a row–preparing for life AFTER "The View!" Go, Whoopi!


why ir sounds like just a comedy to me why do they need to promote the ir element?

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