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Christine Turner’s ‘Homegoings’ Now Available Online But Only Through 1/7/14. Watch It Now!

Christine Turner's 'Homegoings' Now Available Online But Only Through 1/7/14. Watch It Now!

After a broadcast TV premiere on PBS’ POV series, and a limited theatrical run at the Maysles Cinema in NYC, over the summer, Christine Turner’s lauded feature documentary Homegoings, which explores the African American funeral home tradition, told through the eyes of a Harlem funeral director, is now available for viewing online, courtesy of PBS – but for a limited time, through January 7th, 2014.

It’s a film I’ve yet to see, and will likely do so sometime this week, and will share my thoughts afterward.

In the meantime, check it out for yourselves, assuming you haven’t already.

The first 20 minutes are embedded below. To see the rest of it, click HERE:


Watch Homegoings on PBS. See more from POV.

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JMac (the agnostic who didn't find the film’s religiosity "extreme") and others are obviously too emotionally involved to critique the film accurately — citing my cost estimate (in the film) in error, when my estimate was more accurate than the $8.5K you stated. Indeed, it's always difficult to bid goodbye to a loved one, but damn, a well-made documentary is a well-made documentary–and that's what I was expecting! Something fresh and more in-depth than what we already know and are privy to. Again, we’ve seen this before. I’m not saying not to hold it sacred or deem it culturally redeeming.

Failing to view or critique this simple documentary critically is tantamount to superstitiously believing someone in your family’s gonna soon “be called home” if you bad-mouth it. Ridiculous! It’s just a documentary, not some sacred cow!

And Carey-Carey, as usual, I don’t know what the phuck you’re nonsensically ranting-on about: “I was born to do just what I’m doing” — you actually wrote that sh*t down to share with your lady? She as shallow as you are? You both found that statement profound, did you? Damn! “How many of us struggle with doubts on the paths we have taken?” Brother, most of us these days, we’re just trying to find or keep a j-o-b! I guess if you search hard enough, you can find profundity in even the most inanely cliché comments!

And back to JMac for a few: ignorance be damned, but even $8.5K is a rip-off price for a funeral. That, you would realize, if you watched or read something more informative than the ultimately unprepossessing documentary in question. Ignorance is why members of our community continue to be ripped-off, without realizing we’re being ripped-off! Instead of disparaging someone (as “sour grapes”) who uses critical thinking skills and logic to question things — and, instead of relying on the traditional overly-emotional approach that has, of late, served us very poorly, why don’t you, like a true agnostic, question critically, ask tougher questions, seek deeper answers, and accept nothing less.

Now, the lot of you, run along and watch “Baggage Claim” — I’m certain you’ll all come to consider it 2013’s most poignant and profound piece of cinema!


@MAN-OVER-BORED – What were you expecting?


Been waiting to see this — thanks for posting! (What would we do without S&A!)

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