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CNN to Premiere ‘Sole Survivor,’ a Documentary About Lone Survivors of Plane Crashes

CNN to Premiere 'Sole Survivor,' a Documentary About Lone Survivors of Plane Crashes

The next documentary to have its debut on CNN will be “Sole Survivor,” a film written and directed by Ky Dickens (“Fish Out of Water”) about the experiences of survivors of major aviation disasters. The film, which premiered at the Austin Film Festival, will have its television debut on CNN on Thursday, January 9th, 2014, airing at 9pm, 11pm and 2am ET, and encoring on Sunday, January 12th at the same broadcast times.

In the history of commercial flight, there have been 14 large airplane crashes with a lone survivor. One of them was George Lamson, Jr., who at the age of 17 was the only survivor of Galaxy Airlines flight 203, which crashed near Reno, NV in 1985, taking with it his father along with all the other passengers and crew, save Lamson. The film follows Lamson, who has memorized the names of the other 13 sole survivors, in a journey to meet those that he can, and exploring the complicated emotions, including survivor’s guilt, that many feel. Most have not been interviewed before this film.

During the telecast on CNN, filmmaker Ky Dickens and others associated with the doc will offer behind-the-scenes commentary and respond to questions about the film via social media using the hashtag #SoleSurvivorFilm.

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I watched the entire documentary and after all of the CNN hype for the past month or so about how it was the story about Cecelia and flight 255, I was very disappointed to not learn more about her. It was definately a 'human interest" story, and seeing that I lived near the crash site in 1987, I was really interested in learning more. I realize that she is a private person, but just learning a little more about her, would have been great. I'm glad that she grew up happy, and that she has a good life.


    Could you please tell me where I might be able to watch the film? I had a loved one on that flight, and been trying to find out where I could watch it


Booooo sounds like you need to listen a little closer loser


The movie was interesting in many ways, but I must disagree with its portrayal of the Comair 5191 crash in Lexington, KY after they took off from the wrong runway. I'm not surprised that the pilot's wife mentions all the contributing factors except the errors made by her husband. The film spent much time looking at those factors but neglects to spend any time on the fact that there are many basic indications that tell a pilot that he is on the right runway and many clues that would tell him that he is on the wrong runway, even with the contributing factors in this case. It appears that the two pilots did not look for or ignored those indications and clues. People died as a result of the pilots' errors. The film does not portray all the facts and instead portrays the pilots as victims of other factors.

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