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Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Soundtrack Climbs Billboard and iTunes Charts, Check Out Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” (VIDEO)

Disney's 'Frozen' Soundtrack Climbs Billboard and iTunes Charts, Check Out Idina Menzel's "Let It Go" (VIDEO)

UPDATE: The soundtrack for Disney’s Oscar frontrunner “Frozen” continues to climb the Billboard 200 chart, currently at number eight. On iTunes, “Frozen” is the number one most-downloaded soundtrack album in the US, France, UK, Germany, Finland and Australia, among many other countries. Meanwhile, the film is still holding strong at the box office, with domestic grosses at $250 million. Stream the soundtrack on Spotify here.

EARLIER: Disney has released a clip from the centerpiece of “Frozen”: Idina Menzel’s Queen Elsa — aka the Snow Queen — singing “Let It Go,” as she learns to accept her chilly nature. Watch below, along with the full-length audio of the song and a humorous clip in which Kristen Bell’s Anna makes her way into a department store tavern of sorts, looking for winter boots — and also news of the Snow Queen. As it turns out, the shop’s having a “big summer blowout.” 

Disney’s return to the princess musical is the Oscar frontrunner and so is this song, belted by theater veteran Menzel, who as you may recall, played the Wicked Witch in “Wicked.” There’s also an element of that angry, sad, powerful, lonely sorceress out of control in this role of a princess isolated by her magical abilities to freeze the world around her. She sings this song after she flees to the mountains and, free to unleash her powers, builds a magnificent ice palace.

More on “Frozen” here. 

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Elsa use her frozen powers to the ice catle and her sister anna went to go to see elsa and kirstoff and Sven and olf and anna and hans and elsa


The trolls told her that an icy heart would be harder to fix. She was only 8 when this happened, making Anna 4. You can't attempt to explain to children that young – much less their parents – that an act of true love would fix it. Also, her ice powers aren't just her hands. It comes from both hands and her feet. and presumably everything else. She may very well be left handed as well, making that her dominate defensive hand. But Bacon is right, when you're scared and panicked, you don't think about that. You just use whatever means you can.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. My biggest complaints are that we never get an explanation for why she has these powers. Only that she was born with them. In Wicked, we learned Elphaba was green due to her drinking elixer when she conceived her. We have no background on Elsa's powers, which could have easily been explained by a simple statement when the trolls asked her father if she was born or cursed with them. Secondly, I would have loved to see Elsa have more screen time. She is absolutely gorgeous and Idina Menzel is amazing. "Let it go" was fabulous and I wish we could have gotten to see more. Still though, this film was amazing and fantastic. Definitely worth seeing, and for someone who rarely buys DVDs, I am definitely pre-ordering this one.


To Cheese's comment, When you're scared you don't think about which hand you use to defend yourself…

And if the Trolls had told her this then we wouldn't have movie now would we?

Frozen was a great movie! My brothers loved it! No complaints here.


I found Frozen to be absolutely wonderful. As a mother of a 6 year old, I found it refreshing that the person who saved the day was indeed finally a woman. The movie showed love comes in many ways including sisterly! I love Idina, and saw her in Wicked. Watching this show was like going to a Broadway play. Frozen is a great movie for little girls, and it has become my favorite among all Disney movies. I saw Monster's University. It was boring. This movie kept this adult on the edge of her seat. Your daughters will enjoy it!


I don't mean to judge, but after I've watched Disney's "Frozen" on Tuesday night before the actual release, there are two slip ups in the movie.

1. Why didn't Elsa use her other hand with her GLOVE on instead of her bare hand which revealed her icy powers?

2. If the trolls knew that love would defrost the cold, why didn't they tell that to Elsa instead of Anna? Maybe then, they would provide special training for her to overcome fear with love.

At least Jack Frost from DreamWorks Animation's "Rise of the Guardians" controlled his icy powers. No wonder why Jeffrey Katzenberg released it before "Frozen." He knew that Disney is well known for adapting fairy tales, so he decided to fight fire with fire by looking for other stories that may have similar ideas compared to fairy tales to make Disney look bad after they gave him the boot from Mickey Mouse's shoe onto his buttocks. And above all, no wonder why he earned the honors at the Academy Awards. He created adaptations, or original stories, in advance before Disney does, except Pixar since they made "Cars" before DreamWorks Animation's "Turbo (similar to "Cars" but at a different perspective)."

I doubt that Disney's "Frozen" would win. In fact, Pixar made a very long streak in the Academy Awards. "Monsters University" would most likely win since Pixar put up a fabulous effort to promote the lesson that can be learned. "Frozen" has lessons too, but did not provide enough details to promote it. Instead, it placed too much attention on the emotions between Anna and Elsa.

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