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Do Girls Watch Animated Superhero Shows?

Do Girls Watch Animated Superhero Shows?

Appearing on
Kevin Smith’s ‘Fat Man on Batman’ podcast last week, well-known comic and
animation writer Paul Dini pulled no punches when it came around to the fact that
there are lots of superhero shows and toys for the boys, but very few for the

“They’re all for boys
‘we do not want the girls’, I mean, I’ve heard executives say this,
you know, not [where I am] but at other places, saying like,
We do not want girls
watching this show.”

SMITH: “WHY? That’s 51% of the population.”

DINI: “They. Do. Not. Buy. Toys. The girls buy different
toys. The girls may watch the show—”

In other words, execs would rather ignore half
the population because they think they don’t buy the merchandise associated
with a show. So if you’re wondering why you’re favourite superhero show got the
axe and heard it was poor merchandise sales, at least you now know why.

The irony of it all is that girls do watch
superhero shows and have for some time. Heck, boys will watch girl superhero
shows too; the Powerpuff Girls proved that beyond all doubt and that show sold
toys like hotcakes to them all!

It’s highly irresponsible to use female fans
as a scapegoat for something they have little control over. Nobody buys stuff
they don’t want and saying it’s their fault for the poor sales of the stuff in
the first place is ludicrous!

So the next time you hear that Wonder Woman,
Batgirl, Amethyst and all your favourite superheroines were looked over for a
shiny new animated show in favour of, say, Batman (again), just remember that
girls don’t like superhero shows because someone says so.

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Me and my sister were just watching Powerpuff Girls on Netflix the other day and commenting on how deep some of the undertones on that show got. The show was a phenomenon and it would be nice to have more girl power shows out there or at least girl leads. Most of my guy friends growing up watched it too! I'm off to watch My life as a teenage Robot now that I'm thinking about it. :D


As soon as the Powerpuff Girls special was announced, I immediately saw my 20-something female friends on Facebook posting about how happy they were to see more from this show. I think the execs are missing the boat here. :/

Simon DelMonte

While I think Dini is telling the truth, I also think that Cartoon Network does not like having a block of time dedicated to DC Comics programming. There seems to be some sort of internecine rivalry, and perhaps a dislike of old school superheroes that makes no sense to me.


Yes but thats only a small percentage of girls. And as for the powerpuff girls mostly boys watched the show whilst girls bought the toys. And it has nothing to do why shows like Young Justice got cancelled. That got cancelled because it took itself too seriously.


Well with the way things are going now I don't think even Batman has a secure job in animation at least not on Cartoon Network.

Sebastian Villegas

If you're looking for real life examples of a boy watching a superhero show with female leads and a girl who watches superhero shows; me and my sister definitely qualify.

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