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Edwina Findley Joins Dorian Missick In Writer/Director Jason Gilmore’s ‘All The Children Are Insane’

Edwina Findley Joins Dorian Missick In Writer/Director Jason Gilmore's 'All The Children Are Insane'

Here’s an update on writer/director Jason Gilmore’s forthcoming feature film, All The Children Are Insane – a Juntobox Films finalist (the a new initiative co-founded by Forest Whitaker, that gives independent filmmakers the opportunity for their films to be financed, produced and distributed, with support and mentorship from industry professionals, including Forest Whitaker). 

We last learned, a year ago, that Dorian Missick was attached to the project, and he still is. Joining him in the project, which we learned about just this week, is Treme actress Edwina Findley, in a film that will be produced by William Clevinger (The Devil’s Carnival), R. Andru (Submerged) and Gilmore. 

The synopsis for All The Children Are Insane reads:

Self-made millionaire ISAIAH Burdon is dying of cancer in Pittsburgh. His daughter GENEVIEVE, an intelligent but rigid nurse, watches over him. She summons his son, EDWARD, a recently laid off investment trader in New York City to come home and say his last goodbyes. Edward brings his trophy girlfriend, ASHLEE, with whom he has united to swindle his siblings out of their share of any inheritance. The youngest brother, meth addict JOSHUA arrives, looking to detox in his childhood home. A weekend of arguments, hallucinations, secrets and betrayal lead to a surprising, devastating climax.

Dorian Missick will play Edward, the greedy Wall Street casualty.

Findley, who we last saw on the big screen in Insidious: Chapter 2 and Ava DuVernay’s Middle Of Nowhere, will play the underachieving but stable sister, who carries a secret that unravels the already volatile weekend.

She’s repped by Barry McPherson at APA and Matt Goldman at Silver Lining Entertainment.

Elizabeth Knowelden and Jaimyon Parker round out the film’s primary cast.

All The Children Are Insane is writer/director Gilmore’s feature directorial debut.

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Let me count the ways this movie gives me reasons to pause.

1. The "trophy wife", Ashlee Moldova = Elizabeth Knowelden, a white chick (actress) from London, England. Now what's that all about? Why wasn't the trophy wife a dark skin black woman from Brooklyn?

2. Dorian Missick = WHO? I mean, is it just me or does this guy not turn any heads? Well, I have to admit that I didn't see one episode of Southland and he has received "critical acclaim" for his parts in movies such as The Manchurian Candidate and Lucky Number Slevin. I've seen them both, enjoyed the hell out of Slevin, but Dorain's part does not stand out to me, so what am I missing? Anyway, that reminds me, I haven't seen Insidious: Chapter 2, nor Ava DuVernay's Middle Of Nowhere (it doesn't play in the cornfields of white Iowa) so it's possible Edwina Findley could save this film?

One more thing, who is this writer/director Jason Gilmore? Is he a black man that has been given this once in a lifetime opportunity to be supported and mentored from industry professionals, including Forest Whitaker? Hmmm… questions, questions and mo questions, what's really going on?

Jason Gilmore

Thanks Miles! Much love to Shadow and Act for all the support.

Miles Maker

Congratulations Jason! Press fwd 2014

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