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First Trailer For Cuba Gooding Jr/Sharon Leal Underground Railroad Drama ‘Carry Me Home’

First Trailer For Cuba Gooding Jr/Sharon Leal Underground Railroad Drama 'Carry Me Home'

First, a quick recap…  Cuba Gooding Jr.’s stars in a drama that was initially titled Something Whispered, but is now called Carry Me Home, which tells a tale set in 1850, following a man named Samuel (Gooding), who attempts to free his family from institutionalized slavery, intent on escaping from the tobacco plantation they have been forced to call their home for two generations.

Heading north towards Canada, via the Underground Railroad, they are tracked by a group of ruthless hired slave hunters.

Here’s a description:

Trains, chains and bales of cotton on location of Something Whispered. Set in the 1850s, it’s the story of one family’s flight to freedom on the underground railroad. Great gospel music and amazing scenes of pre-civil war life in the deep South.

Sharon Leal plays Cuba’s wife in a cast of dozens that also includes William Sadler as one of the other more prominent names. 

Director Peter Cousens’ resume is full of lots of TV work, so it could also very well be a made-for-TV movie; or direct-to-video, since Cuba has done lots of direct-to-video work in recent years; although I could be wrong, given how many slave-themed movies have been (and are expected to be) released.

It’s worth noting that Leal also plays Cuba’s wife in what would have been a new Fox legal drama series titled Guilty, which, when we last reported on it last summer, wasn’t picked up as a full series; however, at the time, it appeared that it wasn’t entirely dead, as the network had reportedly remained interested in it, thanks to strong test scores for its pilot episode, which was directed by McG – particularly in reaction to the series’ star, Cuba Gooding Jr, as a brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to solve the cases he’s been prohibited from handling, and to ultimately exact revenge on the man who set him up.

It certainly sounded promising. We’ll see if it ever surfaces.

No official release date for Carry Me Home yet, but here’s the film’s first trailer:

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Somebody call the law, they stole my movie.

Well, actually, they didn't steal anything from me, but the title of this movie is the name of my blogspot. Yep, I haven't written a post in nearly 2 years but my blogspot's name was "Carry Me Home". And ironically the last post before my "retirement" wasn't about slaves, it was about the new HNIC President Obama. In that last post I predicted his win. Check it out when you have absolutely nothing else to do. And be forewarned, my mugshot is there and sorry to say I am not a Denzel lookalike and I may not even be a "black"man or even a "man".


Unfortunately, because I don't respect Gooding, I'll have to pass, even if it did want to see it.

And I don't.


The 12 years's effect.


No more please!!! Couldn't even finish. The only thing interesting about this trailer is singer Jubilant Sykes. That man's voice is incredible!!!


I actually saw a screening of this in Atlanta about 6 months ago or more. It was very unique to me how they blended the two stories with a musical connection. After the screening they did a full survey and then chose about 25 people from different backgrounds to stay and offer detailed feedback. Everyone that was that group was very blunt about what they thought worked and didn't work. So I'm excited to see that they are moving forward with it and I hope to see if they've made any of changes since the version I saw.

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