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Get Ready to Be ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Again in 2014. R. Kelly Series Is Returning To IFC

Get Ready to Be 'Trapped In The Closet' Again in 2014. R. Kelly Series Is Returning To IFC

News on the march from the IFC channel:

R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet is coming back to IFC. The ultimate hip hopera returns in 2014 with brand new chapters, which means more R. Kelly, more drama, more crazy situations, more tumultuous relationships, more Sylvester, more Pimp Lucius, more Reverend Mosely, more everything that you love about Trapped in the Closet
And to help you get ready for the series’ return, IFC will re-broadcast all 33 previous chapters of Trapped in the Closet this Saturday, December 7 at 5:15 PM ET/PT
Although you can also watch them all online (chapter one is embedded below).
It was a year ago when R. Kelly revealed that he was working on a stage adaptation of the series, thanks to interest from Broadway producers, although he didn’t say who exactly.

When nudged for additional info – like if he’d star in it as well – Kelly said that details & deals were being negotiated at the time, so nothing had been finalized. He added that putting together each chapter in the series is an involved process, and he’s an army of just one; so I guess the message there was, it’ll take some time to put an entire stage show based on the series, together.

But he did say that he’d already begun adapting the series for the stage. Whether it’ll eventually happen is anyone’s guess.

While you wait for that to become a reality, get ready for the return of the series to television to IFC, some time next year, with brand new chapters.

Here’s episode 1 of the first 33 episodes which previously aired:

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Miles Ellison

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