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MSNBC Does No Favors For Joy-Ann Reid

MSNBC Does No Favors For Joy-Ann Reid

2013 was a lousy year for MSNBC. First there’s the network’s sinking ratings and then that whole Alec Baldwin debacle which everyone knew was going to be a
train wreck; and it was.

Then if things couldn’t get any worse, there was the whole
controversy over Martin Bashir and
his negative remarks about Sarah Palin, which forced him (rather more like the network forced him) to resign from
his 4PM show.

With Bashir gone, immediately there was talk about who
would take over his slot, and everyone said that the only obvious choice was
MSNBC regular contributor and political know-it-all Joy-Ann Reid. She’s been the most dependable “go to” person on the
network for a long time now, and she’s smart, savvy with a fantastic knowledge about
the inner workings of politics.

Not only that, but she has proven over and over again
that she’s a smooth and professional TV host, regularly subbing on several MSNBC
shows. In fact, Reid has been filling in for Bashir since his exit from the show.  Furthermore, in one recent online poll asking
readers to vote for who they wanted to be Bashir’s replacement, Reid was the
overwhelming No.1 choice. Who else is more suited to take over his slot

Even MSNBC president Phil
hinted to the media a few months ago that there was something
definitely in the works for Reid on the network.

That’s why, today, Griffin announced today that Now host Alex Wagner would be taking over Bashir’s place, starting on January 13th. Quoting Griffin: “Alex
is an incredible talent and her voice is a perfect lead-in to our evening

So I guess that makes Reid just hired help.

But wait! That would mean there’s still an open slot, since Wagner is moving her daily 12 noon show to 4PM. There’s an open slot
available at 12 noon for a new show, with a new host. 

Well, not so fast! Most
likely the time slot will go to Ronan Farrow,
a human rights lawyer with zero previous experience as a journalist
or in politics (and the son of actress Mia
and Frank Sinatra). He has been publicly promised a day time slot
for his own show by Griffin from the moment Farrow signed on with the network.

Talk about white male privilege. What other reason is there for it? Meanwhile, poor Joy-Ann is left out in the cold again.  

When is her contract up? Maybe there could be greener
pastures somewhere else. CNN? Fox News? Hey
don’t laugh. Suppose Fox offered her a show; who thinks she wouldn’t
take it, and not bring some sanity to the network? Stranger things have

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Bruce Cunningham

I just found out today that Joy is no longer on her show. It made me sick to my stomach. My first thought was that I will not watch this station any longer if this is the way they treat intelligent African Americans like Joy. If she is not brought back with her own show, perhaps she should go somewhere else and be more appreciated.

Rev.Victor D. Ramsey, Sr.

In my humble but learned position, I believe Joy Ann is one of the best anchors on TV. She is one reason I woke up earl in the morning during the week. Her dialogue flowed smoothly and she rarely made mistakes. Too bad! I pray she gets something she deserves. She certainly doesn’t deserve your treatment of her. I love MSNBC. She was one of the reasons why! Get her back. I can think of a couple people she transcends in talent and especially "genius".

ann lewis

Joy Reid is one of the best professional host on MSNBC net work. She’s not only smart and savvy, she can stand up to any of the host as far as real knowledge about the inner working of politics. Joy is overwhelming far more suited for a news position than some of your day time hosts.


Msnbc hired a racist no surprise there.


Ronan Farrow is not the son of frank Sinatra. He is saying that because he is disgusted with his Dad Woody Allen.

Pearlie barton

I am so Happy for Joy Reid. I just love her She is very smart and beautiful,Congrats God Blessing I will be watching along with all my friends and family.

Just sayin' in LV

Quite frankly I'm glad she's come out against Snowden. Some jerk thinks that to agree with Snowden's antics, it proves Obama is behind this. Absolutely false. No proof & people who think like this should watch their master's voice: Fox Noise!!!!! Why shouldn't people deserve a show? Soledad Obrien deserved a show after her great anchoring of Katrina. She got one about 3 years later that lasted about a year then she was gone! No one seems to care when the anchors are thrown under the bus (Bashir, Olbermann come to mind) and are gone, gone, gone

Claudia Thomas

It doesn't sound like she's getting her own show if there are 2 spots & 3 anchors.
Alex Wagner for sure! Ronan Farrow?


Congratulations Joy-Ann! It's about time. You are intelligent and most deserving of this promotion!

Marie. Shear

Joy is tops in my book. I always want to hear her. Input on a ray of issues. She is honest, fair and very knowledgable. She would make a wonderful host on her own show.


Seems both MSNBC's viewers like this move. Family members don't count. But I'm sure they too are pleased.


I love you Joy-Ann! Ditto to what Laura said…Stay faithful!


Joy-Ann Reid is one of the rare pundits who is able to analyze and articulate clearly the major issues of our time. Frankly neither Thomas Roberts, Alex Witt nor Tamron Hall, have even half of her insight. I suppose the network feels there's a quota on the number of women or African American women you can have host a show, but I find it appalling that a rank amateur, no matter how talented he is, is going to be foisted on us viewers, even if Dad is old "blue eyes". Joy, we all respect you and know what the deal is here, and it's not pretty.


I like Joy, not because she is a black woman, but because she is one of the few people, Rachel Maddow the other person who really knows how to articulate political happenings without sounding BORING. I also like Alex, Chris, Steve and Melissa but they are also BORING.


PBS, at one point, had three dark-skinned black women successfully hosting public policy programs. I'm not sure about lately, but maybe that's a move to consider.


As a previous poster put it – MSNBC's decision is part of the Colorism 101. National news by an indescribable margin taps ethnically ambiguous, light-skinned people to be their anchors – particularly black women. Whether it's msnbc or another cable network. Just do a mental survey of the minute percentage of black women represented on national news right now (don't bother to look at the major networks nightly news – you'll be hard pressed to find them). Think about it – Soledad O'Brien, Frederica Whitfield, Melissa Harris-Perry, Robin Roberts. It was actually a sad shock to see Reid on air to begin with! Sure there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. It's the exceptions that make the rule. And to any moron who tries to disparage Reid's abilities as to why she didn't get her own show – that has ZERO to do with it. And yes, I'm sure she would have wanted to host her own show – who doesn't want that kind of platform?? Even if you are "busy with other things" as another poster said to try to justify this decision. AND there are plenty of incompetent, inexperienced lame presenters out there who get on-air only because the head honcho, aka good old boy, gives them the green light. Get real – TV news isn't about talent, it's about a gatekeeper deciding to give you the golden ticket.


So what if Reid hasn't gotten a show? Why is she entitled to a TV show? Wagner is a woman of color. Ronan Farrow is openly gay.

Just because Reid is black and talented doesn't mean that she deserves her own TV show.
I lost respect for Reid when she hopped aboard the anti-Snowden train in order to carry water for Obama. That showed a lack of integrity.

marie collins


Accidental Visitor

Sergio, odeon ell doesn't mess up nearly as Reid. And when he does flub he is able to quickly and deftly transition back into his prepared dialogue that you barely notice. His worse mistakes are not some common occurrence that happens every show unlike Reid who makes these glaring mistakes every time. Not to mention odeon ell is superior at keeping his talking heads in line and taking command of a segment in a way that Reid as of yet cannot duplicate.

You obviously have a lot of love for Reid which would explain why you use this site to consistently go to bat for her. But please take note that those of us with a different view don't have an agenda like you. If I thought Reid was good enough I would say so. Obviously it is a subjective thing. But what is not subjective is MSNBC's commitment to getting black people FaceTime on air. MSNBC does a great job of providing black people a shot at having a show. Reid doesn't have one because TPTB must not think she measures up. And if you are going to take a shot at this Farrow guy for having no experience as a tv host you would also have to level the same charge at Rev Al when he was given a show.

James Williams

Think about it just because we as viewers respect Joy and the massages she give to my village and political point of view.Thank you


For all of you who are bringing race into this….please note Alec Wagner is bi-racial.

Accidental Visitor

And for god's sakes people need to stop suggesting that this is some sort of insult that she hasn't gotten her own show. She isn't entitled to a show. And if we are to interject race into the discussion let us not forget that MSNBC has three shows hosted by black women. And that's not even factoring in the heavy rotation of black female talking heads who can be found on a daily basis on the shows of Rev Al, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell. If anything one could argue that black women are overrepresented on MSNBC in general considering the lack of shows hosted by Asians and non-black/non-white Latinos, as well as the relative lack of talking heads of those same two groups.

Accidental Visitor

Reid is an intelligent journalist/writer who can hold her own against anyone when used as a talking head for one of the various MSNBC shows

What she isn't, however, is host material. Not yet at least. She has one major flaw which really holds her back. She is horrible with the teleprompter. She is, to this day, still making glaring mistakes every opportunity she gets to fill in as host (even Rev Al doesn't make such mistakes on a regular basis). Yesterday I only watched about 30 minutes of the 2 hours she served as guest host for MHP's show and she BADLY messed up the reading intro into the final segment; so bad she had to stop, apologize and basically start over again.

Reda StCyr

Yes I know Tamron Hall is on msnbc but Tamron's agenda is more in line with RW Republicans an is not loved for her reporting ( it is what it is)

Reda StCyr

Super pissed all over again First with the trashing of Martin Bashir Now with the replacement of a non Black person ( yes I like alex wagner that has nothing 2 do with it) We have one Black talk host on weekdays an the majority msnbc audience is Black an has given them ratings they never had before, over CNN an yes we like seeing people that look like us speaking on the issues also
Sick of this White washed mess they want to push in all our face!!!

Barbara Lee

I suppose I will not tune in at 4:00 pm !


Well holyshith no one knows why Joy Ann Reid doesn't have her own show at MSBNC? Really, I mean seriously, you don't know why?
Ok, I'm gonna tell you why and $*#k anybody that doesn't like
what I'm about to say:
No, I mean really black! How black? When it comes to the grocery bag test she flunks every time!
Aside from being one of the most knowledgeable (along with Rachel), intelligent and seasoned commentators that can operate without a script, the only thing that holds her back in TV-LAND is the package she's wrapped in.

TV likes light/white skinned pretty people, especially at MSNBC. I've been
waiting for someone to bring up the name of that network's favorite
sidekick and why she has been passed over time and again.
Folks, this Colorism-101! AKA: Facial discrimination.


"So I guess that makes Reid just hired help."
Unless she owns considerable stock in GE…yes…she's just an employee.


Let's be real for a minute. Wagner is more physically attractive than Joy. At the end if the day for all of its liberal posturing, MSNBC is a cold hearted business.

Junius Solomon

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that advises "when you are angry never write a letter." Well I am going to violate that rubric and commit my thoughts to prose. For quite awhile I have wondered why Joy was not considered for other anchor positions that were recently created. As a loyal fan of MSNBC, I have found joy's political acumen to be unmatched. Therefore, I suspect that MSNBC can not articulate a rational basis for denying Joy the opportunity to fill the new vacancy. Moreover, I have learned that MSNBC fans overwhelmingly favored Joy for the new position. It must be noted that I do not believe your refusal to hire Joy for this position is based on race. However, I must ask you to explain or rebut the assertion that she was denied the position because of her dark skin. Again, not race. The evidence is overwhelming that in your media, there are few to any dark skinned African American anchors. You have the opportunity to correct this persistent injustice and hire Joe Reid. Go to it!


Has anyone bothered to ask Joy-Ann what she wants? Maybe she's not interested in hosting a show on MSNBC. Has she publicly said that this is something she wants to do? Do people even know that she's a filmmaker by education and she's working on a documentary feature right now in addition to doing radio, running The Grio, writing for the Miami Herald and all her other activities. I'm just saying, before making any claims about her being passed over by MSNBC you may want to talk to the woman first and ask her what she wants to do instead of making guesses with no evidence to support. It's not a good look for your blog.




Another example of why we as black people should do more for self and build each other else up. The way the system is designed now they will never take us serious. The only way you get respect is when people know you don't need them until then we will keep hearing these same stories over and over and look for gratification from people that look down on us, which is crazy, but too many of us keep going this route and then get upset when it turn out like the way you knew it was from the start.

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