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Netflix Purging Streaming Library On January 1. See These 6 Films (And Others) Before They Expire

Netflix Purging Streaming Library On January 1. See These 6 Films (And Others) Before They Expire

According to Netflix sleuths on Reddit, the streaming service will be refreshing its library as the new year (2014) begins, as rights to several existing titles expire, starting on January 1, which means, you have just 5 days to watch these films (those you are interested in) before they disappear from Netflix’s library.

Of note, films that are included on the list that you might be interested in, are:

– Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing

– Keenan Ivory Wayan’s I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

– Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown

– Ernest Dickerson’s Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (which stars Jada Pinkett Smith)

– Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (the 1984 sequel to the break-dancing film Breakin’)

– Jeannie Bell in T.N.T. Jackson

There are probably more that are expiring that we don’t know about, but, in addition to the six listed above, check out the rest that we do know of, below. Maybe you’ll want to add some of these to your weekend watch-list:

TV Shows: Expire January 1, 2014

  • “Dark Shadows” (original from late 1960s)
  • “Saturday Night Live The 2000s”
  • “Mr Bean”
  • “The Kids In The Hall”
  • “Perfect 10 Model Boxing” (Volume 1)

Movies – Expire January 1, 2014

  • “The Rundown”
  • “Brick”
  • “Being John Malkovich”
  • “Back To School”
  • “Battle Of Britain”
  • “Born On the Fourth Of July”
  • “Braveheart”
  • “Body Of Evidence”
  • “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo”
  • “Man On The Moon”
  • “Lionheart”
  • “1492 Conquest Of Paradise”
  • “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”
  • “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”
  • “FX”
  • “Do The Right Thing”
  • “Desperado”
  • “Up In Smoke”
  • “Can’t Hardly Wait”
  • “Capote”
  • “Biloxi Blues”
  • “Seed Of Chucky”
  • “Jarhead”
  • “As Good As It Gets”
  • “In The Name Of The Father”
  • “Inside Deep Throat” (documentary)
  • “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”
  • “In Like Flint”
  • “Hard Target”
  • “Foxy Brown”
  • “Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell”
  • “Gallipoli”
  • “Half Baked”
  • “Flashdance”
  • “50 First Dates”
  • “For The Love Of The Game”
  • “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”
  • “The Bad News Bears”
  • “The Russia House”
  • “The Secret Of Nimh”
  • “Revenge OF The Ninja”
  • “Roman Holiday”
  • “Rob Roy”
  • “Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back”
  • “Remo Williams”
  • “Requiem For A Dream”
  • “Quigley Down Under”
  • “Pumpkinhead”
  • “Platoon”
  • “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”
  • “October Sky”
  • “Mystery Men”
  • “The Skulls”
  • “Titanic”
  • “Ronin”
  • “Romeo And Juliet” (1968)
  • “Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood”
  • “Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight”
  • “The Woman In Red”
  • “Top Gun”
  • “Street Fighter”
  • “TNT Jackson”
  • “Serpico”
  • “Seed Of Chucky”
  • “Scary Movie”
  • “Running Scared”
  • “Troll II”
  • “True Grit” (1969)
  • “War And Peace”
  • “Talk Radio”
  • “War Games’
  • “We Were Soldiers”
  • “What Dreams May Come”
  • “Windtalkers”
  • “World Trade Center”
  • “The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes”
  • “The Odd Couple” (1968)
  • “The Mask Of Zorro”
  • “The Great Train Robbery”
  • “The Faculty”
  • “The Dream Team”
  • “Best Of Times”
  • “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”
  • “Species”

Movies- Expire January 4, 2014

  • “Alice In Wonderland” (1951 Disney)
  • “Immortals”
  • “Dynamite Warrior”

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Johnny Simpkins

Many of those expired movies are still on Movies Capital. Check it out – They do a 30 days money back guarantee, so nothing to lose.

jasin blaze

Actually many of the movie companies aren't offering netflix a good deal . Word is that they want to launch their own streaming services with exclusive rights to their own titles. in their mind we can pay 6 different netflix subscriptions. cable just needs to become a la carte and on demand, but unfortunately greed will keep that from happening.


They're also getting rid a Coen brothers' Intolerable Cruelty and Miller's Crossing!


That's why I stick with DVDs Don't have to worry about some film suddenly being unavailable. And much better picture and sound too and those don’t forget those director commentaries


Kyle is right. Netflix is pretty much the same as any other premium channel. At least Netflix offers all of its original programming at once, unlike HBO and other premium channels that only offer part of their catalogue at a time either via VOD or their own streaming services like HBO GO.

That being said, here's a few more titles set to expire soon:

December 31: Bread and Tulips
January 1: Car Wash, High Art, An Inconvenient Truth, Mad Hot Ballroom, Shane, A Shot in the Dark, The Young Girls of Rochefort


Netflix puts an expiration warning in your online Queue 2 weeks before a title is due to expire. This has been done for years.

Netflix removes over 100 titles from the streaming inventory at the end of each month. They have done this for years…

Netflix adds over 100 titles on the 1st of each month plus unannounced additions throughout the month. They have done this for years.

Netflix streaming is treated as a pay TV service by the studios that own the movies. They are subjected to the same restrictions and time contraits for showing content that HBO, SHO, Cinemax, Starz, Epix. Encore, & The Movie Channel are. Each service removes and rotate content on and off their schedules. They have done this for years (decades for HBO & SHO.).

Netflix follows that very same pattern. Yawn. Chill out. Relax. The sky is not falling. The sun will come out tomorrow…Everything will be alright.


Here's a list of what's coming to Netflix… Check out


Netflix needs to …
1) Get licenses to stream 90% of what is released around the world.


3) STOP THE DISCRIMINATION and making most Foreign movies/TV shows including for Kids NOT for streaming!
Others need to…
4) Vizio's netflix needs a software update to ban the discrimination against CC! Vizio comes across as a deaf hater as CC does NOT work on Netflix accessed thru the TV menu option.

5) IF (read as IF and NOT will)…IF I were to bash in the ears of all the people who decide what gets CC and what doesn't, and bash in all the ears of those they love such that no one can hear, does that mean that the deaf will finally get everything CC or will they change careers? And no, I would never do this and I do NOT want anyone to do this for real. I'd just would like those deaf haters to live in our shoes for a full year. It would drive then nuts!


I just hope they ADD with some great movies!

ijon tichy

Does Netflix get worse? Every single day of the year? Or is it just our collective imagination?


Its called the license is up


netflix has to get it together! These people in power aren't doing a good job, smh they need to dump the DVD service, streaming is now and the future!


You can see what movies in your queue are expiring if you go to My List from the menu bar, then click it over to Manual. If anything is going away soon, it'll be listed in the right-most column.

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