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New ’12 Years A Slave’ Featurette Highlights Contributions Of Those Working Behind The Camera

New '12 Years A Slave' Featurette Highlights Contributions Of Those Working Behind The Camera

Now in its widest release, earning over $23 million at the box office thus far, For Searchlight has released a new featurette, titled The Team, which introduces audiences to some of the men and women who helped bring director Steve McQueen’s vision of Solomon Northup’s story to the screen, the unsung heroes – including production designer Adam Stock HausenCinematographer Sean Bobbitt, Editor Joe Walker, and Costume Designer by Patricia Norris.

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Li Ling

An outstanding movies! I think if more money would invested it will became better! This film need us to take more time to think about it. But I still feel very uncomfortable after gleeing it.
It's so brutal and cruel. It's not simply reflect a historical problem or sue the white's guilty behaviors. It let me to think about when everyone in a condition we can only live and work. Our rights are deprived and nothing left. Do we still realize we are human beings? or just identify ourselves as a machine and have no feelings. Even harder, we can trained to hurt our friends. I lament the loss of humanity in some people.


It is good to see recognition for the people who fulfill McQueen's vision for the long takes.

I found the auction scene pretty impressive watching the camera move from room-to-room and people hit their marks. McQueen's direction of Giamatti was excellent, but they definitely needed the unseen crew to pull it off.

New Jemima

I don't always comment here but I do read your blog regularly and have been able to keep up with so many of the latest in black cinema and entertainment.

Thanks for your work here and also for including this featurette! And, also, so glad Steve McQueen won Best Director for this film from the New York Film Critics Circle. I read that it was really close to getting Best Film, but "American Hustle" sneaked in to capture the big prize in a tight race.

I wonder if the same thing happened when "Inside Llewyn Davis" won Best Feature at the Gotham Awards, and if this is going to be happening for all the other awards coming out, especially with the Oscars.


Thank you for that featurette, Tambay, it's very informative and nice to hear from the craftsmen and women behind the scenes and see what the process of creating this masterwork is like for them.

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