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New on DVD: Psychological Thriller ‘The Last Letter’ Starring Omari Hardwick & Sharon Leal

New on DVD: Psychological Thriller 'The Last Letter' Starring Omari Hardwick & Sharon Leal

Following its premiere at this year’s UrbanWorld Film Festival, Image Entertainment will release suspense thriller The Last Letter on DVD on December 17

The film stars Omari Hardwick and Sharon Leal as a couple whose marriage is in turmoil due to a number of external and internal factors.

The film’s full synopsis reads:

Sharon Leal and Omari Hardwick head an all-star cast in this twisted, psychological thriller as newlyweds Catherine and Michael. The couple’s marriage is threatened by Michael’s disapproving mother (Lynn Whitfield) and Catherine’s own terrifying secret: a crippling sleep disorder that blurs nightmare and reality. When a terrifying incident from her past returns to haunt her, she turns to her foster brother and closest confidant, George (Gary Dourdan), who vows they will stick together… no matter what!

Directed by Paul D. Hannah, the film’s all-star cast also includes Gary Dourdan, Rocsi Diaz, Tatyana Ali, Richard T. Jones, Bill T. Cobbs, Marc Singer and Lynn Whitfield

“African American films have long been forced to live in a box and rarely allowed to tread in other genres such as psychological thrillers, horrors or suspense,” says director Paul D. Hannah. 

Last Letter is produced by Overflow Entertainment and Vendetta Filmworks.

Find the trailer embedded below:

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Phred G

WHOO! I mean WHOO! Great cast, 'fun' plot premise (if you're into mysteries/suspense). The film appears to have an all black cast but is not a "black" film. Even the cinematograpy rocks, turned the fine Sharon Leal GHOST GREEEEEEN (1:06)! Can't wait!


Wow this really looks like a fantastic film!! We don't get a chance to see very many african american phychological thrillers. The cast is superb. Omari Hardwick & Sharon Leal are superb actors. This definitely looks like a film that should be in theaters. I cant wait to see it!


The leads are usually picked well for black cast films I hate all the former black leads filling out the cast. The last two years proved black women want to be introduced to new talent. When former leads are cast in supporting it is usually a promise of a potential show stealer moment. This is an unintended phenomena in most films. No one will doubt that more black women are familiar with Lynn Whitfield than the rest of this cast. So they come in looking for her to do something. Not necessarily looking for Leal to blow them away. So you almost have to make Lynn underwhelming to induce a certain level of shock. I know they need work just like no name actors and a filmmaker may just want people to see his work however the story often disappears with a crowded stage.


Omari Hardwick, Sharon Leal, Lynn Whitfield. What's not to love? Definitely a winner.


I'm sold! Unique premise and talented leads. I hate I couldn't make it to the Urbanworld screening last month, so I'm catching it as soon as it's released Dec. 27. Sharon Leal and Omari Hardwick are both building commendable, varied bodies of work. I hope this one gets promoted properly and becomes a Little Movie That Could like the AFFRM projects, making a nice profit without the benefit of a big budget. …

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