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Now Streaming On Netflix: Winnie Mandela Biopic Starring Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard

Now Streaming On Netflix: Winnie Mandela Biopic Starring Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard

After a very limited theatrical release earlier this year, One Village Entertainment and Image Entertainment have released Winnie Mandela (as opposed to just Winnie previously), on Netflix streaming. It’s already available on Blu-ray, DVD, iTunes and Amazon VOD, but you can stream it right now if you have a Netflix streaming account.

TD Jakes (via his TDJ Enterprises) “presents” Winnie Mandela, which is produced by André Pieterse (Ironwood Films) and Michael Mosca (Equinoxe Films). 

An adaptation of Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob’s biography Winnie Mandela: A Life, the film explores the personal and political life of the wife of renowned activist and revered former South African President, Nelson Mandela, telling the story of her struggle for the freedom during the Apartheid era.

The film attracted controversy before a single frame was shot, primarily over the casting of Hudson, and the lack of communication with, and input from the real Winnie Mandela.

Jasmin interviewed director Darrell Roodt, last year for S&A, and you’re encouraged to read that interview HERE. In it, he addresses a lot of the questions many of you have had about the project since we first alerted you to it, like his reasons for casting Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard, the audience backlash against his casting choices, especially by South Africans, the real Winnie Mandela’s objections to the project, what we can expect from the film, and more.

Watch the USA release trailer for Winnie Mandela below and then check out the film now, streaming on Netflix:

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While watching Mandela, I found myself really interested in seeing a film about Winnie and regretting the fact that the film had already been made starring Jennifer Hudson.

No interest in this movie. Hope someone else tries again in a few years.


I watched this for the first time last week and I thought Jennifer Hudson did a pretty decent job with this role. I've heard about all the backlash surrounding her being cast, but I still think she did a fine job. She's definitely grown a lot as an actor.

And the song Bleed for Love which is now under Oscar consideration, just brought me to tears at the end.

Olivia Tambo-Madikizela

The worst movie ever! Don't waste your time.


TERRIBLE! That's right, I could saved my $9.98 we paid to purchased this snoozer at Walmart.

Listen, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom was just an ok movie in my opinion. Had it not been for some of the acting I would grade it well below the "
B" line. Now in steps TD Jake's "Winnie". TD Jakes, okay, that should tell you something? Anyway, now we have the same story and very similar scenes (courtroom rhetoric, shooting of protesting black children, Winnie & Nelson's marriage scene, etc.) but with a smaller budget and "less-than" appropriate actors. Don't get me wrong, Terrence Howard is a seasoned actor who I thoroughly enjoyed Prisoners with Viola Davis, but no-no-no, he had no business stepping in Mandela's shoes. And please, Jennifer Hudson is not ready to carry a movie. That reminds me, who thought Winnie Mandela's story was worthy of a biopic?

In short, the movie was a slower than slow C-flick that brought absolutely nothing new to the table.

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