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Peter Jackson Says ‘The Adventures Of Tintin’ Sequel Is Still Coming

Peter Jackson Says 'The Adventures Of Tintin' Sequel Is Still Coming

Hey, remember Tintin? “The Adventures Of Tintin” made $373 million worldwide, and while it was a much bigger hit overseas, it doesn’t seem like anyone was waiting on that cliffhanger ending. Which is a pity, given that you’d think there would be more excitement over a collaboration between Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. The first one, helmed by Spielberg, did have it’s moments, and the plan was always for Jackson to direct the second film. But Jackson returned to Middle Earth instead, and three “Hobbit” films later, Tintin remains dormant, so what gives?

Speaking to BadTaste.It (via Coming Soon), Jackson claims as soon as he returns from Hobbit-ville, he’s getting right on the horse. “As soon as I’m free of ‘The Hobbit,’ I’ll be going back into doing ‘Tintin,'” he says, as if being held captive. “It was held up by ‘The Hobbit’ but we have every intention of doing another ‘Tintin’ movie and it’s just waiting on me to be done with these ‘Hobbit’ movies.” Geez, give this guy a vacation. The next film reportedly adapts both “Prisoners Of The Sun” and “The Calculus Affair” (sounds thrilling!) into one film, but that was also when the plan was to shoot this year.

The plan was also to release the film in the now hyper-competitive 2015 release schedule, but now that seems unlikely. Still, Jackson and Spielberg seem dead-set on making this movie. Maybe someone out there is just as excited to watch. With “The Hobbit: There And Back Again” slated for release next winter, Jackson’s free time should materialize in the coming months, and we can stop resting on pins and needles for that “Tintin” sequel that keeps us awake at night, longing for more.

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The first Tintin movie was great done and directed by Spielberg and produced by Jackson.
The Idea was to make 2 other movies. Regarding the next tintinfilm Peter and Kackson make an agreement about that jackson was going to make the sequel for tintin. But after the hobbit film. Peter hasfinished his hobbit films and now he is making two films about Australia.
it´s now 4 yaers ago and there is still no tintin movie from Peter Jackson. It seems like Peter Jackson is not going to make the next tintin movie and has not completed his promise to Spielberg about directing the sequel.
Maybe Spielberg should let another director make the nex film. Peter Jackson do not seem to have interest in this tintin movie project.
He prefer to make other films instead.

Julia Levelle



I am disapointed about Peter Jackson. Hej was ment to do The next Tintin movie after The Hobbit movies. But now he wants To a film about Austriala, not the next Tintin movie. He just dont care about The Tintin fans. Jackson is famous and he can do anything he wants. Peter, Are we going to wait 4 yaers more for The next Tintin movie because you dont care and you only do what you want?


I love the tintin stories. Professor Calculus is no doubt one of the best characters in tintin. I am so excited for the sequel. I hope they bring in colonial sponse from calculus affair he has always been my favorite tintin character. Everything you said about the first movie was true I loved it. I trust Spielberg and Jackson and i think they will do amazing with the sequel.


Combining "Prisoners Of The Sun" and "The Calculus Affair" into one movie? Fascinating idea. In "Prisoners", Professor Calculus is kidnapped by a secret tribe of still-living Incas because he inadvertently defiles a sacred relic. In "Calculus Affair" he is kidnapped again, this time by a totalitarian country because they want to use his invention as a super-weapon. So it's pretty safe to say that "Calculus gets kidnapped, Tintin and Haddock to the rescue" is the basic plot of the movie; but who does the kidnapping? High-tech Incas who want super-weapons for religious reasons? Hmm.


Yes! Professor Calculus is awesome. We know the hard work that goes into making such an amazing movie so we'll be waiting patiently!

Alan B

Do you know what a cliffhanger ending is?

hells ya, i own the blu-ray!


The Adventures of Tintin is fantastic, it's pure fun. And, most importantly, they absolutely nailed the characters. Haddock and Tintin felt like they stepped straight from the pages. As a lifelong Tintin-fan I was thrilled to see that they didn't give Tintin a love interest or a stupid backstory or something and that Haddock was an unapologetic drunk like he is supposed to be.
I understand that a lot of people think it was too action-packed for a Tintin movie, but I enjoyed all of the setpieces. Especially the pirate-sequence which is better than all those Pirates of the Caribbean movies combined.
A comicbook-adaptation should always honor the source material but also add enough new things to make it more than 'just an adaptation'. The screenwriters did exactly that. They also beautifully combined story-elements from The Secret of the Unicorn and The Crab With The Golden Claws.

I am looking forward to the sequel which is bound to introduce Professor Calculus, which is arguably the best character in the Tintin universe. I'm sure they'll nail it. Casting suggestion: John Hurt.

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