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Rashida Jones Sells Dark, Noir Nail Salon-Set Dramedy To HBO

Rashida Jones Sells Dark, Noir Nail Salon-Set Dramedy To HBO

Rashida Jones and partner Will McCormack (via their Warner Bros-based Le Train Train production company) has sold a half-hour comedy pilot to HBO, titled Claws, and is described as a dark workplace “dramedy-noir” about a nail salon in Florida and the strange, dangerous women who work there. 

As someone who frequents nail salons, this sounds like something fresh. I can’t think of any TV series or movie set in a nail salon, that’s also a dark noir dramedy, following the strange, dangerous employees.
No exact plot details are available yet, however. 
Marking next in a line in a string of projects Jones and McCormack have sold to various TV networks, Claws will be penned by Eliot Laurence, with Jeff Grosvenor producing for Warner Bros. TV, along with Jones and Mcormack, who will also exec produce.

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" I can't think of any TV series or movie set in a nail salon"

Maybe you haven't seen the acclaimed Happy Flower Nail? Please check it out (or write about it) It is an incredibly fresh ( and dare i say feminist?) play by Radha Blank about a nail salon in BK – also being developed for screen. I wonder if Ms Jones has?


So will it be more stylized to Elmore Leonard material or one those hybrids that generally struggle with tone like Dexter on showtime.


@Ladybug …and I'll add to your comment, the recently cancelled "Client List" although set in a massage (therapy) studio, had a B story in which Jennifer Hewitt's mother and best friend worked at a hair salon/nail studio. (Just to play Devil's Advocate and be in agreement with LadyBug :-)). …I, also have never been enamored with Rashida as an actress or a producer/writer. She's like Key and Peele or Craig Robinson. An actress who, of late, gets a lot of publicity, but no one is quite sure who (as in what audience or demographic) is excited about, much less interested in her work.


Steel Magnolias was set in a beauty salon . . . hair, nails, waxing. Can't remember how long ago but a pilot was shot called Mann's World starring Don Johnson set in a Beverly Hills Salon. So I don't know how fresh it is . . . but it's coming to HBO. I haven't really loved any of the stuff Rashida Jones has been in or producedWritten.

Radha Blank

HappyFlowerNail…is a solo play (AND pilot) about a Korean-owned nail salon in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. PLENTY of Black, Asian, Latina women over here! :-)


Uh Oh' this means there won't be any Black Folk in this series A. HBO turns down almost anything new that features Black Folk. B. Rashida won't be writing Black folk into this I bet except some hyper stereotypical role !

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