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‘Saturday Night Live’ Reportedly Holds Special Audition For Black Women Potentials

'Saturday Night Live' Reportedly Holds Special Audition For Black Women Potentials

So word on the street is that NBC held Saturday Night Live auditions this month, looking specifically for black women. 

The Jasmine Brand broke the story, which has now been picked up by other sites, with confirmation of this from SNL chief Lorne Michaels, forthcoming.
The auditions are said to have been held at The Groundlings in Los Angeles – an improvisational and sketch comedy school based, and were set up exclusively for black women candidates to join the comedy sketch/variety show. 
This of course comes after an onslaught of criticism the show and its producer faced, over its lack of black female representation within its cast, as its black male cast members have long played black women characters.

The conversation continued after Kerry Washington hosted an episode (her first time) to season high ratings – in an episode in which the show mocked the criticism it faced, which we posted here.

Actress Bresha Webb told Jasmine Brand about the showcase: “The audition came about from an inside source from SNL. I don’t think any of us had a clue about the showcase until two days prior. It was an awesome opportunity even though it was such a short notice but, if you stay ready you ain’t gotta get ready and we were READY! Lol But we were all honored to be selected.”

Other actresses that auditioned include Tiffany HaddishSimonne Shepherd, and Darmirra Brunson.

This is an issue that S&A has addressed ad naseam, and not just this year. 

With today’s news, it looks like we just might see a black woman cast member announced soon.

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They tried it. I probably still won't be a regular viewer of that show…it's horrid :::Simon Cowell voice:::


That woman, if hired, should keep her resume/portfolio/reel up-to-date.

Why would anyone even want the job after all the high-profile drama behind it?


co-sign @Mr. Marin, it's tokenism.

Also, this doesn't change anything really. SNL is a white show. It's "live from NY" but doesn't look like NY. Maybe downtown Manhattan but not the rest of NY. So, instead of holding a call for Black actresses, why not revamp the show??? They don't have enough racial diversity period. They should open things up to more people regardless of their race. MADtv was able to do it, so what's wrong with SNL?

Mr. Marin

I hate the fact that SNL is holding such auditions in the first place. Whatever happened to earning a role or being good enough to get an opportunity. This is just a pity handout because people were fake upset about the lack of a Black female personality in the cast. It's not as if SNL has never had Black female performers before. I'd rather be known for being the best comedian out of a wider selection and not pigeon-holed to fill that Black spot.


Aw geez! Some poor black woman's talent will be squandered and the untalented, unimaginative hacks that write for that awful show will force her to play nothing but stereotypes or background characters. Leave SNL to the sellouts and coons like Keenan.


I can see the first skit already: "Hi everione I'm the new cast person on the show And as you can see… I'm a black chick! WOW!"

)Pauses waiting for the laughs)

I'm telling you SNL has never been good since the good old days of Murray, Ratner, Arkroyd, Belsuhi and later Murphy. Back when it was actually cutting edge before it turned in the late 1960's version of Bob Hope

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