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Steven Soderbergh Has a Few Things to Say About Scorsese’s ‘After Hours,’ Is a Fan of ‘Smash’

Steven Soderbergh Has a Few Things to Say About Scorsese's 'After Hours,' Is a Fan of 'Smash'

Steven Sodebergh, who previously used his Extension 765 site to offer a defense of his favorite James Bond movie, uses his latest post to weigh in on Martin Scorsese’s After Hours:

I saw this film half a dozen times at the Bon Marche Mall cinema in Baton Rouge when it was in its initial release, and it was a huge inspiration to me. Looking at it now, I can see why: the things that are great about it don’t/didn’t have anything to do with having a lot of money (Catherine O’Hara trying to confuse Griffin Dunne while he attempts to remember a phone number), so it seemed within reach to an aspiring young filmmaker growing up in a suburban subdivison. Sure, there’s plenty of the patented Scorsese formal flourishes, but nothing that can’t be achieved with a standard Fisher dolly, and that’s why it all seems possible; its humor, insight, style, and impact are built out of a series of brilliantly constructed small things (unless I’m mistaken, Scorsese hasn’t made a cheaper dramatic feature since).

Although I’ve always found the hysterical castration anxiety laced through After Hours difficult to endure, it certainly makes for an interesting contrast to Scorsese’s upcoming The Wolf of Wall Street, a lavish three-hour production that is anything but scrappy.

Soderbergh has also posted the latest in a series of media diaries, this one covering everything he read or saw in 2012. Worth perusing at leisure, but a few observations:

Soderbergh watched his own Magic Mike six times between January and early March. He watched Side Effects, then called Bitter Pill, eight times in June, and 15 more times during the rest of the year.

He saw Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, presumably an early cut, in March, 10 months before its Sundance premiere.

Among Soderbergh’s regular TV viewing: SmashBossThe KillingMad Men, HomelandVeep and Girls. But does he think Patrick Wilson is too cute for Lena Dunham?

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"What the f*** happened to Joseph Minion?"
Here's what happened.
He plagiarized the first third of the screenplay of "After Hours," down even to the most obscure details (plaster of paris bagel and cream cheese paperweights? Tropic of Cancer?) and passages of dialogue. His current obscurity is well-deserved.
Read about it here:


Why is Dunne done?

The Sellers of our time.


Soderbergh says on the website that when he says he's watching his own films…it's usually because he's editing/locking picture/ect..Side Effects was released in Feb it makes sense he would watch it all the way through several times in 2012…same with Magic Mike..which was released in July of 2012…


"Soderbergh has also posted the least in a series of media diaries…"

Do you mean "latest" or is this really the most inconsequential of his media diaries?

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