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Stream Them Now: 4 Oscar Contenders for 2014 Already Available to Watch Online

Stream Them Now: 4 Oscar Contenders for 2014 Already Available to Watch Online

Though the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hasn’t released its nominations yet (the Academy has released a short list of documentaries here), some of the top film contenders are already available for streaming. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at some of the films we believe are best bets in their categories that you can watch online now at various services around the web.

Frances Ha (Netflix)

“Frances Ha” has been an indie darling since its release and is in good standing for a variety of Academy Award nominations, including Best Actress for Greta Gerwig and Best Original Screenplay for both Gerwig and director Noah Baumbach. The comedy-drama stars Gerwig as a would-be professional dancer in New York and has been praised for it’s charming portrait of post-collegiate troubles. As Indiewire’s Eric Kohn put it, “a snapshot of a life in transition, the movie’s aimlessness is its greatest strength.”

Spring Breakers (Amazon Prime Instant Video)

James Franco may not have a realistic shot in hell for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Alien in Harmony Korine’s latest “Spring Breakers,” but we would like to pretend otherwise. John Waters recently agreed with us, calling “Spring Breakers” the number one movie of the year: “What more could a serious filmgoer possibly want?”

Call Me Kuchu (Netflix)

In Uganda, a new state bill threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death. Filmmakers Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall followed Uganda’s first openly gay man, David Kato, as he and his fellow activists attempt to fight the legislation — but a brutal murder shakes the movement to its core. Ruthlessness and hate follow the LGBT activists throughout the documentary, making this important film an extremely hard watch. [Update: As we were publishing this piece the documentary short list came out and “Call Me Kuchu” did not make the cut, though “God Loves Uganda,” which touches on some similar topics but is not available for streaming yet, did.]

Dirty Wars (Netflix)

Initially premiering at Sundance, “Dirty Wars” is centered on investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill as he chases down the hidden truth behind
America’s expanding covert wars. With testimonies from CIA agents and Special Forces operators about drone attacks and secret operations, this documentary reveals some startling facts about what is being done in America’s name.

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From an objective Spring Breakers should be a safe bet for cinematography, film editing, sound editing and sound mixing. Martinez's score should also compete (or his score for Only God Forgives). Unfortunately we know The Academy can't deal with a prestigious project like Spring Breakers. Snubbed.


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Since when are Amazon Prime and Netflix "free"?

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I would also add Upstream Color (available on Netflix) which is also generating some Oscar buzz as well.


I agree with Jason.


none of these are contenders for anything


Spring Breakers is in fact on Netflix in Canada.

Joe H.

Spring Breakers an Oscar contender? What have you been smoking…

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