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The Black List Unveils Its 2013 Line-Up Of Hollywood’s Most Loved Unproduced Screenplays

The Black List Unveils Its 2013 Line-Up Of Hollywood's Most Loved Unproduced Screenplays

So do you want to know which scripts every agent in Hollywood is currently working the phones trying to get their hands on? Take a look below. Today the folks behind The Black List took to Twitter and (somewhat tediously) revealed the finalists of the 2013 list one by one. Well, they’ve all been compiled and while we await some kind of synopses to know what they are all about, there are still a couple that stick out anyway.

American Sniper,” the NAVY Seal drama that already has Bradley Cooper attached to star and Clint Eastwood to direct, makes an appearance, to too does the script for “Pan” that has Joe Wright set to helm for a 2015 release date. Another one that caught our eye is the intriguingly titled, “1969: A Space Odyssey or How Kubrick Learned to Stop Worrying and Land on the Moon.”

Lots more to discover, so check out the full list below. [Deadline]



Andrew Sodroski

When a traditional Midwestern woman suspects her husband of infidelity, an amateur investigation unravels.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jon Cassir, John Garvey, Ali Trustman

Management: Principato-Young Entertainment

Manager: Peter Dealbert

Production: Le Grisbi Productions



Aaron Berg

An exploration of the formation of Great Britian’s secret intelligence agency, Military Intelligence, Section 6, known as MI6.

Agency: Verve

Agents: Bryan Besser, Adam Levine

Management: Caliber Media

Manager: Adam Marshall

Financier: Universal

Producers: Grey Matter Productions, Marc Platt Productions



Simon Stephenson

A forty-something pediatric allergist, who specializes in hazelnut and is facing a divorce, learns lessons in living from a wise-beyond-her-years terminally ill 15-year-old patient when she crashes his weekend trip to a conference in San Francisco.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Peter Dodd, Geoff Morley, Julien Thuan

Producer: Tom McNulty



Patrick Ness

An adolescent boy with a terminally ill single mother begins having visions of a tree monster, who tells him the truths about life in the form of three stories, helping him to eventually cope with his emotions over his dying mom.

Agency: Michelle Kass Associates

Agents: Michelle Kass



Debora Cahn

The true story of Jack Goldsmith, a young attorney who took charge of the White House’s Office of Legal Counsel, then courageously took on Vice President Cheney and his powerful inner circle when he discovered they were running a number of illegal activities through their so-called “Special Program”.

Agency: CAA

Agent: Craig Brody

Financier: The Weinstein Company

Producer: Spring Creek



Elijah Bynum

A teenager’s life spirals out of control when he befriends the town’s rebel, falls in love, and gets entangled in selling drugs over one summer in Cape Cod.

Agency: Verve

Agents: Zach Carlisle, Tanya Cohen, Aaron Hart, Adam Levine, Melissa Solomon

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Managers: Josh Goldenberg, Alex Lerner, Sean Perrone


Geoff Tock, Greg Weidman

A man goes to space to destroy the ship that, upon going sentient, killed his wife.

Agency: WME

Agents: Daniel Cohan, Solco Schuit

Management: Fourth Floor Productions

Managers: Chris Goble, Jeff Silver

Production: 21 Laps Entertainment



Jason Mark Hellerman

Over 24 hours, four teenage friends try to complete the “Shovel List” (a will/bucket list) left for them by their best friend before he died of Leukemia.

Agency: CAA

Agents: John Garvey, Ali Trustman

Management: Management 360

Managers: Ali Itri, Dean Schnider



Frank John Hughes

In the Old West, a group of soldiers go on a mission to slaughter a peaceful tribe in retaliation for another tribe’s attack on a white settlement, only to suffer at the hands of a devastating disease.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Peter Dodd, Charles Ferraro

Financier: Code Entertainment

Producer: Code Entertainment


Lisa Joy Nolan

An “archeologist” whose technology allows you to relive your past finds himself abusing his own science to find the missing love of his life.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Kassie Evashevski, Keya Khayatian, Julien Thuan

Financier: Legendary Entertainment


Evan Parter

With America’s first viable independent Presidential Candidate poised for victory, an idealistic young journalist uncovers a conspiracy, which places the fate of the election, and the country, in his hands.

Agency: Paradigm

Agent: Ida Ziniti

Management: Madhouse Entertainment

Manager: Ryan Cunningham



Zach Dean

With the hope of starting over, a reformed criminal with an ultra-violent past returns home, but when he finds his own family leading his teenaged son down the same path of destruction, he will stop at nothing to save his child.

Agency: UTA

Agent: Charles Ferraro

Management: Madhouse Entertainment

Manager: Adam Kolbrenner


Aaron Kandell, Jordan Kandell

The true story of how Carl Sagan fell in love while leading the wildest mission in NASA history: a golden record to encapsulate the experience of life on earth for advanced extraterrestrial life.

Agency: Paradigm

Agents: Tanya Cohen, Rob Hertling, Adam Levine

Management: Hopscotch Pictures

Manager: Sukee Chew

Producer: Hopscotch Pictures



Riley Stearns

An expert on cults is hired by a mother and father to kidnap and deprogram their brainwashed daughter. He soon begins to suspect the parents may be more destructive than the cult he’s been hired to save her from.

Agency: WME

Agent: Warren Zavala

Management: Oasis Management Group

Manager: Ben Rowe


Jack Stanley

A young hitwoman tries to escape the business but finds herself in more danger after a high school reunion and a one-night stand.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jon Cassir, John Garvey, Stuart Marshall

Management: Silent R Management

Manager: Jewerl Ross

Producer: Cota Films



Eric Slovin, Leo Allen

Temperamental tennis champion John McEnroe is sucked into a dangerous and ludicrous law enforcement sting during Wimbledon in 1980.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Greg Cavic, Matt Martin, Gregory McKnight

Management: Generate

Manager: Kara Welker

Producer: Ruby Films



Nicole Riegel

A 15-year-old boy discovers that his kidnapped older brother has been living in a hidden, meth-producing compound, and infiltrates the camp in hopes of helping his brother escape.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Matt Martin, Matt Rosen

Management: Anonymous Content

Manager: Nicole Romano


Rachel Long, Brian Pittman

After an American doctor has his identity stolen by a covert operative, he must assume the dangerous mission of the one who stole it in order to clear his name.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Rames Ishak, Michael Sheresky

Management: Management 360

Manager: Scott Carr

Financier: Millennium Films



Doug Simon

After a young teenage girl is murdered, her stepfather falls back on his dark and violent past to find her killer.

Agency: Verve

Agents: Aaron Hart, Rob Hertling, Chris Noriega, Melissa Solomon

Management: Generate

Manager: Chris Pollack

Producer: Generate, Sourian Productions


Stephanie Shannon

Oxford instructor Charles Dodgson (Louis Carroll) tells stories to the dean’s daughter Alice, and her sisters, while falling in love with the dean’s wife.

Agency: CAA

Agents: JP Evans, Matt Rosen

Management: Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Manager: David McIlvain

Financier/producer: Odd Lot Entertainment



Declan O’Dwyer

After his brother is found brutally murdered, a man hellbent on revenge returns to his decrepit Irish fishing village home armed only with a mysterious list of names his brother left behind.

Agency: WME

Agents: Chris Donnelly, James Farrell, David Karp, Solco Schuit

Management: Energy Entertainment

Manager: Brooklyn Weaver

Producer: Energy Entertainment, Thunder Road Productions


Bo Burnham

Two high school misfits become costumed vigilantes and take out their frustrations on the students who have bullied them throughout high school.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jason Heyman, Greg McKnight

Management: 3 Arts Entertainment

Manager: Dave Becky

Financier: Paramount Insurge



Stephany Folsom

With NASA’s Apollo program in trouble and the Soviets threatening nuclear war, a female PR operative conspires with NASA’s Public Affairs Office to stage a fake moon landing in case Armstrong and Aldren fail, the goal being to generate public excitement that will aid the U.S. in winning the Cold War. But the op is faced with the biggest challenge of all: Filming the fake lunar landing with temperamental Stanley Kubrick.

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Aaron Kaplan


Richard Naing, Ian Goldberg

A father/son mortician team try to uncover the cause of death on a Jane Doe. The more they uncover, the more mysterious and terrifying their world becomes.

Agencies: APA (Naing), CAA (Goldberg)

Agents: Mike Goldberg (Niang), Matt Rosen (Goldberg)

Management: New Wave Entertainment

Manager: Josh Adler

Financier: Goldcrest Films International

Producers: 42, Imposter Pictures


Nick Creature, Michael Sweeney

When a difficult film shoot spirals hopelessly out of control into a living nightmare, an ambitious young director must face his greatest fears to turn a troubled production into the biggest movie of all time. Set on Martha’s Vineyard during the summer of 1974, this is the untold story of the making of Jaws.

Agency: Rothman Brecher

Agent: Jim Ehrich

Management: Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Managers: Markus Georg, Mikhail Nayfeld


Alexander Felix

A street-tough, white social worker in the slums of Detroit acts on a dangerous and violent personal vendetta when he protects a young girl and her mother from her recently incarcerated, AIDS-infected boyfriend, after he abruptly massacres a seedy strip club in a rage.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Matt Martin, Ali Trustman

Management: Energy Entertainment

Managers: Tom Carter, Brooklyn Weaver

Producer: Vertigo Entertainment



Alexis C. Jolly

Set in 1950s Manhattan, Fred Rogers journeys from a naive young man working for a NBC to the host of the beloved children’s TV show, Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Agency: APA

Agents: Adam Perry, Chris Ridenhour

Management: Echo Lake Entertainment

Managers: Zadoc Angell, Dave Brown, James Engle, Amotz Zakai

Financier/producer: Treehouse Pictures


Zak Olkewicz

When a female book editor visits the home of a horror writer so he can complete his novel, she finds that all of his creations are holding him hostage.

Agency: WME

Agent: Daniel Cohan

Management: Caliber Media

Manager: Will Rowbotham

Financier: Dimension Films

Producer: Prolific



Dan Dollar

The true story of Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jon Cassir, Ali Trustman

Management: Industry Entertainment

Manager: Michael Botti

Financier: Warner Bros

Producers: Appian Way Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, Romark Entertainment


Bac Delorme, Stephen Clarke

A war veteran slaughterhouse worker and his friend discover a small fortune in heroin hidden inside a processed cow and maneuver to hold onto their find and cash out to save his grandfather’s house as the bad guys come looking for their wayward stash.

Agency: WME

Agent: David Karp

Management: Fourth Floor Productions

Manager: Jeff Silver

Producer: Le Grisbi Productions



Noah Harpster, Micah Fitzerman-Blue

Based on Tim Madigan’s autobiographical novel of the same name. A journalist looking for a story about television’s role in the Columbine tragedy interviews TV’s Mr Rogers and, as a friendship develops between the two, he finds himself confronting his own issues at home.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Jon Huddle, Keya Khayatian

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Alex Lerner

Financier: Big Beach Productions

Producer: Youree Henley


Christina Hodson

After suffering a devastating miscarriage a young woman and her fiance travel to Italy where she meets his family for the first time, but her grief turns to shock when the local doctor declares that she’s still pregnant. And while her fiance and his family seem delighted by the news, she begins to suspect their true motives are quiet sinister.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jay Baker, Matt Rosen

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Tobin Babst

Producer: The Safran Company, Temple Hill Entertainment


Andrew Cypiot

Based on true events. CIA agent Edwin Wilson went behind enemy lines to secure weapons contracts and report information back to the CIA shortly after the Cold War. He had a meteoric rise until company policies changed and he was unceremoniously fired, but he continued to operate as a man without a country and became public enemy number one in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Agency: Verve

Agents: Rob Herting, Adam Weinstein

Producers: Sourian Productions, Josh Kezdan


Richard Cordiner

When his big break finally arrives, an idealistic young movie director, Steven Spielberg, risks failing to complete the movie Jaws when his 25-foot mechanical shark stops working.

Agency: Verve

Agents: Rob Herting, Adam Weinstein

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone



Max Hurwitz

In exchange for a lighter prison sentence, a young hacker goes undercover for the FBI in a sting operation to find and steal a super computer virus with the help of a team of unsuspecting hacker.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jon Cassir, Jacqueline Sacerio

Management: Fourth Floor Productions

Manager: Jeff Silver

Financier/producer: Start Motion Pictures


Shea Mirzai, Evan Mirzai

While on a road trip to Mexico, two best friends are forced to enter a thousand-mile death race with no rules.

Agency: Resolution

Agents: Remington Franklin, Martin Spencer

Producer: Atmosphere Entertainment


Damien Ober

Follows a woman in the ’80s who works at an IBM-like company and is at the forefront of national intelligence research. When her project (named RANDLE) hits a major milestone indicating that she may have actually achieved AI, it is unexpectedly hijacked by the agenda of the company’s mysterious CEO. As she dives deeper into the corporate agenda, she learns that there may be a connection between her project and the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

Agency: WME

Agents: Simon Faber, Solco Schuit

Management: Echo Lake Entertainment

Manager: Zadoc Angell, Dave Brown, James Engle

Financier/producer: Echo Lake Entertainment


Jonathan Stokes

A conductor investigates the great composer’s seemingly unnatural death and unlocks the mysteries of the man himself while preparing to debut Tchaikovsky’s final symphony.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Ramses Ishak, Geoff Morely, Michael Sheresky

Management: Management SGC

Manager: Scott Carr



Cory Miller

Macbeth meets The Departed in the modern retelling of Shakespeare’s play, focusing on the tragic rise and fall of NYPD officer Sean Stewart, a heroic narcotics detective pushed to the dark side of police corruption by his scheming wife and a well-timed prophecy.

Agency: APA

Agents: Adam Perry, Chris Ridenhour

Management: Luber Roklin Management

Manager: Bryan Brucks

Financier: Lotus Entertainment

Producers: Bedford Falls, Jim Belushi, Luber Roklin Entertainment


Josh Simon

After the death of Princess Diana, a reluctant investigator is hired to ascertain whether her death was premeditated. And in the process, he begins to uncover a conspiracy that compromises his own safely.

Agency: WME

Agents: Mike Esola

Management: Apostle Pictures

Manager: George Heller

Financer/producer: Start Motion Pictures


Ian Shorr

A young man’s life is turned upside down when he mysteriously begins to receive metallic capsules containing messages from his future self.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Charles Ferraro

Management: Mosaic

Manager: Langley Perer

Financier: Fox

Producer: Hutch Parker Entertainment


Jake Morse, Scott Wolman

An R-rated talking car from the ’80s is brought back into service and teamed up with the son of his former partner, a befuddled cop looking to earn his stripes.

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Josh Goldenberg

Producer: Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions


Josh Singer, Tom McCarthy

The true-life account of the Boston Globe’s breaking of the Catholic priest scandal in 2003.

Agencies: Gersh (McCarthy), WME (Singer)

Agents: Rhonda Price (McCarthy), Ari Greenberg (Singer)

Management: Anonymous Content (Singer)

Manager: Michael Sugar (Singer)

Producer: Anonymous Content


Spenser Cohen

A man must do everything he can to save his family from an alien invasion.

Agency: WME

Agent: Solco Schuit

Management: Energy Entertainment

Manager: Brooklyn Weaver

Financier: Good Universe

Producer: Mandeville Films


Hernany Perla

A prison psychiatrist meets a death row inmate on the verge of his execution who claims to be the only thing stopping the end of the world. As she begins to investigate his predictions, she finds them to be eerily accurate, and that she may be a central figure in the events to come.

Agency: Original Artists

Agent: Chris Sablan

Management: Madhouse Entertainment

Manager: Ryan Cunningham

Financier: Lotus Entertainment

Producer: Circle Of Confusion


Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis

After his girlfriend dies in a car accident, a man finds his true soulmate, only to wake from a coma to learn his perfect life was just a dream — one he is determined to make real.

Agency: Paradigm

Agent: David Boxerbaum

Management: Madhouse Entertainment

Manager: Adam Kolbrenner

Producer: Madhouse Entertainment


Ryan Belenzon, Jeffrey Gelber

What if a world woke up tomorrow to scientific proof of the afterlife?

Agency: Paradigm

Agents: Nick LoPiccolo, Ida Ziniti

Management: Fourth Floor Productions

Manager: Jeff Silver

Producer: Bona Fide Productions


Matthew Bass, Theodore Bressman

A disgraced governor and his underachieving accomplice go on the run from the FBI, U.S. Marshals and a gang of hardened drug dealers.

Agency: WME

Agents: Rich Cook, Solco Schuit

Management: Circle of Confusion (Bass), Principato-Young Entertainment (Bressman)

Manager: Julian Rosenberg (Bass), Peter Principato (Bressman)

Financier: Sony

Producer: The Mark Gordon Company, Point Grey Pictures


Jason Dean Hall

Based on Chris Kyle’s autobiography American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper In U.S. Military History.

Agency: CAA

Agent: Jay Baker

Management: Management 360

Manager: Dan Friedman

Financier: Warner Bros

Producer: 22nd & Indiana, Mad Chance Productions


Sang Kyu Kim

A corrupt bordercrossing agent must decide what is more important — saving his soul or inflating his bank account — when he discovers a young illegal boy who escaped a cartel hit on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Agency: CAA

Agent: Matt Rosen

Producer: 42


David Weil

A young man, who is inadvertently rescued after living 10 years in the basement of the child predator who abducted him, struggles to reunite with his family, while the detective in charge of his case investigates the link between his discovery and the recent disappearance of another local boy.

Agency: Gersh

Agent: Carlos Gonzalez

Management: Unified Management

Manager: Jesse Moresco

Producer: RA Max Studio Ltd


Nick Santora

Based on a true story, Dale Julin (a low-level Fresno affiliate morning show host) stumbles upon the biggest story of his life — and though he has reached the midpoint of his career without ever being a “real journalist” — risks his safety and his marriage to uncover the truth that a small atomic bomb exploded in Central Valley, California, during the Korean War — a secret that has been hidden for decades.

Agency: WME

Agent: Jason Spitz

Management: The Gotham Group

Managers: Jeremy Bell, Stephan Iwanyk, Lindsay Williams


Patrick Tobin

A woman who’s been suffering from chronic pain since the car accident that cost the life of her child finds the will to go on from the most unexpected places.

Agency: WME

Agents: Adriana Alberghetti, Kimberly Bialek

Producer: Ben Barnz



Kate Trefry

In order to overcome violent visions brought on by OCD, a promising young writer is urged by family and friends to step outside her comfort zone to experience the excitement and vulnerability of truly living.

Management: Caliber Media

Manager: Lee Stobby


Donald Margulies

Upon hearing of David Foster Wallace’s suicide, writer David Lipsky recalls his 1996 interview with him.

Agency: WME

Agents: Kimberly Bialek, David Lubliner

Management: Anonymous Content

Manager: David Kanter

Producer: Anonymous Content


Leo Sardarian

With the Roman Empire on the brink of collapse, a fourth century bishop takes up arms to lead the armies of Constantine the Great into battle against the ruthless emperor, changing the face of Rome and begetting one of the greatest legends in history.

Agency: APA

Agents: Adam Perry, Chris Ridenhour

Management: Management 360

Managers: Ali Itri, Adam Riback

Producer: Level 1 Entertainment


Neville Kiser

Based on true events, the story centers on Oscar Wilde who goes from renowned playwright to losing everything personally and professionally.

Management: Principato-Young Entertainment

Manager: Peter Dealbert


Adam Barker

After his villainous father-in-law kidnaps his daughters, Sol, a tough-as-nails mountain man, travels across the frigid Appalachian mountains seeking vengeance.

Agency: ICM

Agent: Lars Theriot

Management: Industry Entertainment

Managers: Michael Botti, Andrew Dean

Producer: Industry Entertainment


Bill Kennedy

A man who works in wealth management, and also has his hands in a number of less than ethical enterprises, begins collaborating with a Los Angeles-based drug dealer. The dealer just so happens to have the man’s son as one of his runners in the drug-fueled LA nightlife.

Agency: WME

Agent: Daniel Cohan

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Josh Goldenberg


Barbara Stepansky

A 14-year-old female prodigy finds companionship for the first time when she befriends a handsome older man.

Agency: ICM

Agents: Cullen Conly, Kathleen Remington

Management: HertzbergMedia

Manager: Alex Hertzberg


Chris Sparling

An American man takes a journey into the infamous “Suicide Forest” at the foothills of Mount Fuji with the intention of taking his own life. When he is interrupted by a Japanese man who has had second thoughts about his own suicide, and is trying to find his way out of the forest, the two begin a journey of reflection and survival.

Agency: UTA

Agent: Charles Ferraro

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Aaron Kaplan

Producer: Gil Netter Productions


Zach Frankel

A 14-year-old boy with terminal cancer has one last wish — to lose his virginity — and convinces his reluctant football star Make-A-Wish partner to help him score.

Agency: WME

Agents: Ryan Feldman, Solco Schuit, Sarah Self

Management: Untitled Entertainment

Managers: Ben Curtis, Jason Newman, Jason Weinberg

Producer: Inspire Entertainment, State Street Pictures



Justin Kremer

A desperate, attention-hungry journalist concocts a story that ironically proves to be true and finds himself engulfed in a dangerous underworld of murder and mayhem.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Jon Cassir, Matt Rosen, Ali Trustman

Management: Madhouse Entertainment

Manager: Adam Kolbrenner


Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani

A tragic accident in a coastal English town sets off a chain of violence when a malevolent assassin attempts to punish all involved, including a dirty cop who is intent on covering up the truth.

Agency: UTA

Agents: Carolyn Sivitz, Melissa Wells

Management: Oasis Media Group

Manager: Ben Rowe

Financier/producer: Participant Media


Jon Boyer

After being diagnosed with dementia, a retired fiftysomething stunt motorcyclist sets out to perform one last jump.

Agency: WME

Agents: David Karp, Phil Raskind

Management: Zero Gravity

Manager: Eric Williams

Producer: Gil Netter Productions


Annie Neal

An unhappily married woman and her best friend go on a road trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Miss Married America competition.

Agency: Paradigm

Agents: Chris Smith, Ida Ziniti

Management: Benderspink

Manager: Daniel Yang, Jake Wagner


Meaghan Oppenheimer

Three former childhood friends with a complicated history get back together to spread the ashes of their friend who recently died.

Agency: CAA

Agents: Rowena Arguelles, Melissa Wells

Management: Underground

Manager: Evan Silverberg


Leo Nichols

Two lovable losers run into trouble after they start a service cleaning up the stuff you don’t want your loved ones to find once you die.

Management: Benderspink

Manager: Jake Wagner


Jason Fuchs

A prequel to JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. When an orphan is taken to the magical world of Neverland, he becomes a hero to the natives and leads a revolt against the evil pirates.

Agency: WME

Agents: Simon Farber, Phil Raskind

Management: Brookside Artist Management

Financier: Warner Bros

Producer: Berlanti Productions


Olivia Milch

The story of four best girlfriends who must learn how to move forward without moving on, as they come down off their “high” of high school in this “Fast Times-esque” teenage comedy.

Agency: ICM

Agents: John  Burnham, Brian Diperstein

Management: Mosaic

Managers: Jimmy Miller, Langley Perer


Michael Le

In a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, a man who speaks their language questions the undead in order to find a cure for his infected wife.

Agency: APA

Agent: David Saunders

Management: Hung Entertainment Group

Manager: Jonathan Hung

Financier: Screen Gems

Producer: Vincent Newman Entertainment


Elijah Bynum

In the middle of major financial problems, a down on his luck Southerner’s life begins to unravel when he accidentally runs over and kills a runaway girl.

Agency: Verve

Agents: Zach Carlisle, Tanya Cohen, Aaron Hart, Adam Levine, Melissa Solomon

Management: Kaplan/Perrone

Manager: Josh Goldenberg, Alex Lerner, Sean Perrone

Producer: Darko Entertainment

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7.8 Sea of Trees


Immediate thoughts on synopses.
27 A Monster Calls – Pan's Labyrinth
19 Beast – Place Beyond The Pines
20.3 The Independent – The Ides Of March
19.2 Golden Record – Make it now
15.2 Queen of Hearts – Lewis Carroll fell in love with Alice, not the wife. See 7.7 also.
14.2 Gay Kid and Fat Chick – Catherine Breillat
12 A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood – Make it now
12.2 Ink and Bone – Stranger Than Fiction
11 Boy and his Tiger – Make it now.
10.2 Seed – De Palma
10.3 The Shark Is Not Working – With such a straight-up title, it better be a documentary. Which would be better than narrative biopic.
8.4 Fully Wrecked – Ted plus Knightrider. Combine Ted and Kit from K/R and alternative names for the car would be, Ked, Kid, Tet, or Tit. But I bet it's Larry.
8.6 Extinction – Tom Cruise/Will Smith
8.8 Elsewhere – Nicholas Sparks
8.10 The Politician – Midnight Run. But something else.
7 Pure O – OCD doesn't provoke visions, of any kind. That's another disease/illness.
7.3 Nicholas – News to me that Nicholas of Myra was a war leader.
7.4 Man of Sorrow – Make it well.
7.7 Sugar in My Veins – Brave territory. Perhaps.
6.5 The Remains – Last Orders (2001)

I thought the Blacklist was not only for currently unproduced scripts, but those that specifically had no interest from 3rd parties. Thus the hype of such an announcement, to advertise the wave of potential, yet unknown scripts. So why is 'American Sniper' on it, after passing through Spielberg and now into Clint Eastwood's horizon?

My favourite, the one that actually made me smile upon the first phrase, ironically, is 'SEA OF TREES'. Let's hope the script is as good as the premise and deserves the caps.


Where Angels Die.
If the ex-boyfriend is incarcerated, how can he attack the strip-club? Or be a danger to his ex?
If he attacks the club after incarceration (?), the protection makes sense. But the description is out of order.

Robert Murphy 54321

if i was in charge of casting…

where angels die Jeremy renner
1969 Kubrick moon landing Stanley tucci
man of sorrow colin firth
superbrat will Ferrell
the remains deniro pacino duvall
holland Michigan amy ryan
sea of trees clint eastwood ken watanabe
autopsy of jane doe will and jaden smith
line of duty matthew mcconaughey
inquest gary oldman
spotlight Edward norton
the line Clooney
beauty queen meryl streep
pure o eva green
mississippi mud jeff bridges

gerard kennelly

how brando found fame as an actor

the making of the wild bunch


"In a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, a man who speaks their language questions the undead in order to find a cure for his infected wife."



I hope at least the writer of QUEEN OF HEARTS knows that Lewis Carroll did not spell his name Louis.


A lot of these titles are terrible. The one word titles that describe the whole plot are becoming more and more unoriginal and its very disappointing.


There are two making of Jaws scripts that made the list?


Head over to the blacklist website to have some details on the scripts :


So, that's why Joe Wright is doing 'Pan'.

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