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Time Magazine Names ‘The Counselor,’ ‘Only God Forgives’ & ‘Grown Ups 2’ In 10 Worst Films Of 2013

Time Magazine Names 'The Counselor,' 'Only God Forgives' & 'Grown Ups 2' In 10 Worst Films Of 2013

First there was the best….and now the comes the worst. While Mary Pols stoked internet fury last year by naming “Cloud Atlasthe top stinker of 2012, hardly anyone will argue with her choice this year: “Grown Ups 2.” In fact, the rest of her list is pretty debate proof.

From Ridley Scott‘s verbose and empty “The Counselor,” to Sam Raimi‘s CGI-drenched “Oz The Great And Powerful” to worst three-quel ever “The Hangover Part III,” these were undeniably all pretty awful movies. Perhaps the biggest bone of contention will be Nicolas Winding Refn‘s “Only God Forgives” ranking in there. Divisive? Certainly. But one of the year’s worst? Surely, “The Smurfs 2” could’ve been slotted instead? 

Anyway, take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Full commentary on each choice over at Time.

Time Magazine Worst Movies of 2013

10. The Hangover Part III
9. Oz the Great and Powerful
8. The Counselor
7. The Big Wedding
6. Only God Forgives
4. After Earth
3. The Host
2. Salinger
1. Grown Ups 2

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WHAT THE HELL? :/// rll? Grown ups 2 is on the worst 2013 movies list? that movie is just hilarious, i can't stop watching it , it's sooooo funny… it should be on the BEST movies of 2013 list ://


Why is Only God Forgives on this list? Its definitely flawed but damn its not a bad movie. I'm sure that could be replaced with a different film that was actually bad.

The Atomic Writer

This list is dead on. What others fail to realize is the criteria for making a list like this. In all cases the movies failed either because the underlying conceit was flawed and it tried to be something it wasn't, or it failed to meet expectations of its genre. In the case of After Earth, we never get fully vested in these characters and therefore fail to root for their survival.

The Counselor suffered a similar fate. It misfired in part because we never get to see the Fassbender character before he has money troubles and needs to score fast cash from a drug deal. If we could see him before his fall then maybe we could empathize and root more for him.
This combined with long dialogue dissertations that never pay off. On the surface they seem to build and lead somewhere but in the end becomes clear this was written by a rookie. Yes, Cormic you're a rookie. Please stick to novel writing.


I take issue with a lot of this list. Only God Forgives and The Counselor might not have been entirely successful, but since when are ambitious failures "worse" than lazy, soulless garbage like Movie 43, Planes, or Another Day to Die Hard? Is the message here really that we'd rather movies be safe and inoffensive than try so hard they do things that might not work?

Also Oz Great and Powerful was a blast, so nyeh at you!


Only God Forgives one of the worst of 2013? Really? Really? Not "The Smurfs 2", not "White House Down", not "The Purge", not "Movie 43", not "Machete Kills", not even that forgettable dance movie with Chris Brown? I'm sorry, someone has truly f'ed up


The Counselor was quite good! Even though Movie 43 wasn't on here – – 'Bad Grandpa' certainly should! What a waste of money that film was, tame and lame! (Still fuming I wasted money on that turd) – Movie 43 was very refreshing and boundary pushing. (I paid to see that film twice!) What's funny is – most people see life in black and white – and listen too much to public opinion and have preconceived notions of what is good and not… :/ Thus they miss out or block out films that if they only opened their mind… they might actually like.


Grown Ups 2 was hilarious.


I didn't think runner runner was that bad, but given how badly reviewed that film was, I'm surprised to see it didn't make this list. Baggage claim was pretty bad.

Shakespeare liked

The counselor is a film art and poetic,I loved! is anti Hollywood :)


The counselor is one of my top 5 movies of the year. It rally had to much of a target on its back for the critics to go after it the way they did. And you get that target when your film is alienating to common film forms.


No Lone Ranger?


Stupid Americans who don't understand ENGLISH lambasted The Counselor
because they couldn't "understand" it's deeper than a stupid action movie themes.

I was saddened at the verification that yes, Americans are beyond redemption artistically
and intellectually.

Bad Grandpa was #1 the week a new Ridley Scott film came out!

"Idol" type high-school stunt shows consistently top charts.

"Music" consists of talentless children dancing and having "sing offs" against
each other, as if it's a sporting event.

The COunselor is excellent and I hope Ridley does an extended director's cut on Bluray.

The complaint I have against the film is that marketing sold it as an all star actioner
when it is an intellectual film noir drama for adults with an attention span.

The same thing happened with BLADE RUNNER and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

Ridley, you can redeem this film like you did with KOH with an extended cut.


THE COUNSELOR and ONLY GOD FORGIVES both are in the best of 2013 by FAR.


OH HOW DARE THEY call Only God Forgives one of the worst! How Dare They! They've completely disregarded THE BROMANCE. It'll be ok, Kevin. I know it doesn't seem that way now. But this is how we heal. In time.


my 10 worst movies of 2013 are
1-The Counselor
2-The Last Exorcism part 2
3-All Is Lost(Robert Redford was amazing in it tho)
4-Only God Forgives
5-After Earth
6-The Host(heck i liked the twilight movies better then the host)
7-The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia
8-The Fifth Estate
9-Jayne Mansfield's Car
10-The East


The Counselor doesn't belong on this list. It's one of the best movies of 2013. However, I'm not surprised that Time picked it, since they relentlessly aim for mediocrity.

mayor of crazy town

I really don't get the hate for The Counselor. It's one of the better movies of 2013.

Oz Ruled

Oz the Great and Powerful shouldn't be on this list but the best, it was a great family movie and hopefully more will be made with Franco and Raimi. The original wasn't liked either when it first came out now a timeless classic.


Why Salinger? Is there some sort of controversy over the facts or something. I thought it was a pretty interesting doc…


Putting Only God Forgives on here is a huge mistake, by a magazine who really doesn't know any better. Of the mountain of really awful films released this year, putting a movie on the top ten simply because it was divisive is a joke.


Oz was very enjoyable and my kids loved it, probably viewed and judged through the wrong pair of eyes. Only god forgives though not great wasn't bad.

tristan eldritch

Only God Forgives and The Counselor both are in the best of 2013, no doubt.


Only God Forgives can stay on their. Oz the Great and the Powerful should not be on their. People have the expectation because of the original. As someone who is not a big fan of the original, and hasn't seen it in a long time I enjoyed it. It's not a bad film on it's own. But if you want to add anything it should be The Fifth Estate. I mean it's just random moments in time. It skips around so much you can't keep up. Man of Steel does this too. These list are always ridiculous though because none of these should be on here when films like A Haunted House, and Scary Movie 5 came out this year.


Only God Forgives will be reassessed.


Only God Forgives and The Counsellor are future cult classics. Many oscar flms will be forgotten.
It's like lame 70's best picture nominees vs. Jodorowsky / Peckinpah etc. films.


Salinger, huh? Never saw it, so didn't expect that.


Only God Forgives is fascinating cinema.


where the hell is movie 43

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