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Trailers from Hell: Brian Trenchard-Smith on Sergio Leone’s Final Western ‘Duck, You Sucker!’

Trailers from Hell: Brian Trenchard-Smith on Sergio Leone's Final Western 'Duck, You Sucker!'

Sergio Leone Week! concludes at Trailers from Hell, with director Brian Trenchard-Smith introducing “Duck, You Sucker!”

Considered one of his most overtly political films, this
final Leone western is a melancholy action film steeped in memory. It
looks to have influenced Leone collaborator Bernardo Bertolucci’s own
politically charged historical epic, 1900. Peter Bogdanovich was originally
contracted to direct but ankled when he bridled at having to imitate Leone’s
baroque pictorial style. James Coburn’s Irish revolutionary role was intended
for Jason Robards and Rod Steiger’s Mexican peasant for Eli Wallach. When a
shortened version was released in America to boxoffice indifference in 1971 the
title was changed to A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE. Also known in Europe as ONCE UPON A
TIME…THE REVOLUTION. It was banned in Mexico until 1979.

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This One Rocks !!! If there is any dude out there that likes Master Leone's work and still hasn't seen this one, than he needs to watch it instantly. It's a bit long but it's totally worth of your time. Coburn & Steiger are both outstanding on their respective roles, one as an IRA explosive expert and the other as a bandit. This one is a controversial movie, same as Burn! (yesterday's entry), but its message is strong and direct. Leone's directing skills have always given me the feeling like the closest thing to Kurosawa's vision, and I consider Master Kurosawa as the greatest director of all times, and this movie should serve as the purest example of that !!!

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