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Trailers from Hell: Karyn Kusama on ’80s Classic ‘Heathers,’ the Original ‘Mean Girls’

Trailers from Hell: Karyn Kusama on '80s Classic 'Heathers,' the Original 'Mean Girls'

The TFH Grab Bag! continues at Trailers from Hell, with director Karyn Kusama introducing 1980s high school revenge classic “Heathers.”

The original Mean Girls, this acerbic black comedy from
director and TFH guru Michael Lehmann gave the complacent moviegoers of 1988 a
much-needed hot foot. Winona Ryder stars as the only member of a four-girl
clique who is not named “Heather” and whose ruthless clannishness just might be
taking a murderous turn. Co-star Christian Slater does his best Jack Nicholson
impression as the kind of bad boy girls love to love. As is usually the case
with such nervy material, Heathers did poorly at the box office but over the
years has gained considerable stature as a cult film of the first order.

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One of the problems with trailers of the last two or three decades is their refusal to identify the actors. That's a problem with this one. I thought that was Shannen Doherty (and Kusama does confirm it). But, aside from Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, I couldn't identify anyone else in the trailer (I've never seen the movie) and I'm sure I should know them. The end credit card only lists Ryder, Slater and "Shannon Dougherty."

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