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Universal Officially Shuts Down Production On ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ Film May Be Scrapped & Restarted

Universal Officially Shuts Down Production On 'Fast & Furious 7,' Film May Be Scrapped & Restarted

The death of Paul Walker — an obviously key figure in the mega-sequel (and franchise) “Fast & Furious 7” — makes the future of the movie and series completely unclear. Production on the James Wan directed movie was supposed to continue this week in Atlanta following the Thanksgiving holiday, and additional filming with the entire cast in Abu Dhabi in January. Clearly, things are in flux and while this past weekend a conference call between suits and director tried to figure out how they salvage the film and honor the memory of Walker, it seems everyone is still weighing their options. But until then the set has been cleared.

Universal Pictures has officially announced they are stopping filming on the sequel. Here’s their statement: 

Right now, all of us at Universal are dedicated to providing support to Paul’s immediate family and our extended Fast & Furious family of cast, crew and filmmakers.   At this time we feel it is our responsibility to shut down production on Fast & Furious 7 for a period of time so we can assess all options available to move forward with the franchise.  We are committed to keeping Fast & Furious fans informed, and we will provide further information to them when we have it.  Until then, we know they join us in mourning the passing of our dear friend Paul Walker. 

So where do things go from here? The Wrap reports that options are still being assessed but one that’s a possibility is scrapping the film entirely and starting over. The project has insurance to cover such an incident, so money is not an issue, though the bigger question seems to be how to proceed in general. Do they keep the character of Brian O’Conner in the movie and re-write and work around it? Remove him entirely? Sources seem to be split on the viability of any of those choices though the trade notes “many of Walker’s key scenes remained to be shot” before he passed.

Either way, it’s clear this won’t be released next summer and a final decision on the fate of the movie and series will likely be carefully considered before any formal announcements are made.

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Vicky brown

Don't scrap fast 7 you should keep Paul walker init in his memory he earned it .if hes gonna die init there's lots of ways to die it doesn't have to be a gruesome car crash


F&F Fans the least that we can do is pray for Walker's Family and Friends that they can get over this and respect there decision. Salute to all the cast of F&F..Stay strong!


The Fans" want to see Paul Walkers performance in Fast 7, rewrite the scenes he was going to be in but finish the movie, that's how you honor him, that's his legacy left to us fans for his final movie. ya show him in honor to his memory you kept him in fast 7 its what he would of wanted to be in the movie cause paul walker was a great character in the fast and furious franchise


Finish the movie!!!.! Let his stunt person play his role…. stunt persons has some resemblense to that person, and given the circumstances, s viewer won't mind. There has to be a way…… now were just dying to see this movie

Jose Barros

Personally i think it would be a bad idea to scrap and redo the movie, did they scrap The Crow when Brandon Lee died? No they finished the movie and honored him, did they scrap the Dark Knight when Heath Ledger died? No they released the movie and honored him which also gave us one of the greatest versions of the joker on live film since Jack Nicholson, we "The Fans" want to see Paul Walkers performance in Fast 7, rewrite the scenes he was going to be in but finish the movie, that's how you honor him, that's his legacy left to us fans for his final movie.


It would honor Paul Walker to use what scenes he already is in. Check with his family and make sure they would agree – even if he gets killed off or is replaced with a look alike with a memorial to honor him at the end. There really is no replecament for him – he was one of a kind. Scraping scenes he has already done would not do justice for him. He was an intricate part of Fast & Furious – do not leave his last efforts buried. Talk to the cast. They were a family. Do him proud -it is his final effort.


PLEASE keep filming the movies in honor of Paul & keep the character of Brian O'Conner in the movie and re-write and work around it sounds like a great plan.. RIP PW <3


Paul Walker will be missed and fast and furious 7 would be his last "piece of Art" I wish it was released with him in it. Fans will understand if it can't but I agree on writing him in somehow.


I say keep the movie filming Paul walker would want the show to go on and just have a special tribute for him at the end.
RIP Paul Walker and his friend


Keep filming fast 7 in honor of Paul walker R.I.P Paul walker


I say keep the movie going and just put a look alike in and shoot the film as he died and a car crash and have the crew fine another guy to add to the family. Thay would he better cause paul walker will still be in the movie and at the end of he movie do a tribute with all the parts that paul walker played in!!!! I believe he would want it to be like that. R.I.P Paul walker.


Finish it for him just to give a grate guy a propper send off the sences he alredy did were his last and probably the greatest hes ever dune.


I would keep the movie in honor of him,dont scrap out whats already there,too memorable to


Think it would be wrong to rewrite f7 and remove brain completely consider he's starred in 5 of them Universal should speak to his family to see what they think


Universal will do the rigth thing if they make this film as an more like memorial for Paul Walker! Do it!


No Body can replace PW . . .


Honor Paul Walker and FIND a way to finish this movie. Recasting someone would only hurt Fast and Furious and be degrading to Paul Walker's memory. RIP Paul Walker…


They can write the story about him quitting for good to live a quiet family life with his son and wife.


We want to see his part in the movie for the last time and pay tribute to him in the end…


I think plastic surgery is good idea to replace a actor with same character (Brian O'corner). They just to do make an accident scene of Brian's car (use some previous footage) in between the mission & then make plastic surgery for replace an actor. in this case they don't need to completely re shoot the movie.


im a fan of fast and furious. paul was the main guy. he was fast and furious …DO HIM PROUD r.i.p dude

rob b.

I would use the funeral in the end of the movie to commemorate his role in all the movies

Kyla P.

I feel if you want to keep him in the movie. Possible have a look alike to finish out the part of Paul Walker. If he was to be shot in the film then finish it off with a look alike. Don't scrap his part an start over. It won't be the same without him. Dedicated in loving memory of Paul Walker.


There Are No Problem With RECAST
All Fans Of Fast&Furious Especially to Paul Walker …will still love it…
cause we can still see/watch Paul Walker In Fast&Furious…
So Please RECAST…

firoz ahmed

He was really a passionate guy towards speed and he gracefully died with his passion…
To know more about Paul Walker's life and passion click here:


Leave Paul in the movie if you want billions of fans to watch and make you money Universal.

Rosianne 23

For me the shots that has benn made with Paul Walker use them and finish them with a stunt that Ian Shaw killed him (even if it's sad) and the new member for Dom will be the new kid Sean Boswell. Together they will seek revenge for Han and Brian. Brian was a brother to Dom and Han a brother to Sean. And in that time that Dom appears and talks to Sean when he challenges for a car race, in that time frame Brian was already killed and Dom came to Hong Kong for requiting new people for seeking revenge and Sean is the right person for him.


It will never be the same again.

Get your act together.

Good on you Sebastian. Paul Walker should be honoured as he was one of the main characters. There must be some way around completing the movie. Come on, it's been done before.


Recast?? – Idiots you are! – Not even cool to joke bout this!


Recast. Chris Pine would be a good choice.


I've got an idea…they should finish the movie with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude law playing his part. Just write in a really good reason. That's it. Solved.
All you need is a really good reason.



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