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Up-And-Coming Comedian Jerrod Carmichael Sets Up New Comedy at NBC

Up-And-Coming Comedian Jerrod Carmichael Sets Up New Comedy at NBC

Perhaps in response to the ongoing call for diversity at NBC, the network has ordered a presentation for a new comedy starring and created by up-and-coming comic Jerrod Carmichael

The show will be based on Carmichael’s comedy and life as “a consummate optimist who is eager to take on the world, but is too busy taking on everyone and everything in his small corner of it,” says Deadline

Carmichael is a relatively new face, having written and appeared in a few projects including Fox’s The Goodwin Games, and as a consulting writer on Adult Swim’s Loiter Squad

Catch a glimpse of his stand-up from The Laugh Factory, below: 

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I checked this dude out, he's actually pretty funny. However, like Craig Robinson, I doubt he'll play to the "average" black audience.

"What do you mean by that CareyCarey?"

Come on now, you know darn well what I mean. Craig Robinson is a funny dude, but most blacks do not find his brand of humor to be funny in the least. Well, if "Peeples" (which I thought was a witty and "smart" movie) is any indication of his drawing power, black folks ain't a-cumma-runnin'… and so goes Jerrod Carmichael. Their styles are very similar.


Good for him, but will NBC market it properly? And get him some fine co-stars?


Well, it seems this this new comedy is doomed from the start; he's not particularly funny and gears himself towards embracing the chicken-eating potential of the negro masses. If that's his insight, good luck!

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