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Watch: A24 Drops For Your Consideration Sizzle Reel For James Franco’s Turn In ‘Spring Breakers’

Watch: A24 Drops For Your Consideration Sizzle Reel For James Franco's Turn In 'Spring Breakers'

While prognosticators like to think they can predict the awards season race weeks and even months away from when the dust settles, there is always a surprise or two that no one would have seen coming. (For example, who would’ve thought Benh Zeitlin would get a Best Director nomination over Ben Affleck last year?) And so, A24 is hoping a bit of hustling can do some wonders for James Franco.

Certainly, the buzz around Harmony Korine‘s “Spring Breakers” is getting revived a bit thanks to appearances on best of the year lists by Cahiers Du Cinema and John Waters, and so a brand new sizzle reel of sorts has been created to remind voters about Alien. And more specifically, Franco’s complete transformation in that role of the blinged out dealer in Florida who collides with four girls on spring break with surreal and hedonistic results.

Would you vote for Franco? Watch the video below and then let us know. [Huffington Post]

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Franco deserves to make the final cut pure and simple. Halloween, proved a popular choice for Alien costumes and even some went as far as to getting some Alien tattoos (OSCAR VOTERS TAKE NOTE).

Seriously, how many of the final 5 the critics wants the public to believe are better than Franco can say that?

Again, he deserves all the best awards for this role (the awards needs to come to him quicker and the movie as a whole), which is plainly speaking iconic. Go Franco….


Really hope he makes the cut. If his performance is passed over for something as bland as Tom Hanks in Saving Mr Banks, the oscars really will lose all meaning.


They really should have included some of that Britney Spears serenading.

Shawn Hambright

Disappointed the "look at my shit!" scene didn't make the cut.

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