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Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Armed In New Trailer For ‘Sabotage’

Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Armed In New Trailer For 'Sabotage'

Few can match the intensity with which David Ayer captures the lives of cops doing their job on some very tough streets, delivering a handful of efforts either as a writer (“Training Day,” “Dark Blue“) or director (“End Of Watch,” “Harsh Times“) that seem to get more documentary-like with each movie. And that focus on realism is very much on display in the latest trailer for “Sabotage,” though the tale is pure B-movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (with a slick haircut) leads the movie as the head of an elite DEA crew who make a major drug bust, scoring a major load of drug cartel cash. But when $10 million goes missing from the stash, one of his own members of the team seems to be the culprit, and on his tale is a determined, hard-edged Olivia Williams (that accent!). Yes, there will be explosions, but also all kinds of facial hair and grimy clothes too.

Check out the trailer below. “Sabotage” arrives on April 10, 2014.

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Arnold in a subpar episode of Breaking Bad/The shield.
In a theater near you.
If modern television with actual character arcs is too boring for you.

Ps: did we just watched Arnold trying his hand at acting? Because it looked like so.
Not that's a bad thing.

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