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Watch: Christian Bale Explains The Art Of The Con In Clip From ‘American Hustle’

Watch: Christian Bale Explains The Art Of The Con In Clip From 'American Hustle'

Fresh off a Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress win at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards yesterday, and with the first wave of mostly very positive reviews landing today, it looks like David O. Russell‘s sexy ensemble comedy/drama “American Hustle” is going to go off like a firecracker in theaters. And now another look is here to give you a tease of what’s to come.

This latest clip brings together con man Christian Bale, his partner in crime played by Amy Adams and an ambitious FBI agent (Bradley Cooper), and lets us in on their meeting of the minds. But as you’ll see from the conversation, this is more about schemes almost right from the start. And as our review notes, this movie subverts the obvious expectations: “…there’s a tendency with movies like this one to look ahead from the salad days to the fall from grace, or further, the grand lesson to be taken away from all of the misbehavior and its repercussions, but Russell trains his attention on how all of that behavior directly affects his leads on a deep and personal level, and virtually ignores its impact anywhere else.”

In short: despite the wild costumes and accents, this is still about people and there is much more beyond the bling and barely there outfits. “American Hustle” opens on December 18th. [Moviefone]

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I've been most impressed with Jennifer Lawrence…especially the dinner scene with Renner/Rohm…Lawrence has always been a wonderful actress, but here, we are getting a glimpse of a woman who is teetering on the brink of insanity I think. It's wonderful…I love how she just keeps talking and doesn't really hear or respond to anything Rohm's character tries to say to her. I feel so sorry for her but I shouldn't…I should feel sorry for Irving (LOL!). Great scene, wonderful actng!.


Out of all the clips,I have been really really impressed with Christian Bale's performance. Hopefully he will get a nomination.

Oogle monster

I think people are misunderstanding Amy's accent. It's not meant to be good. She's suppose to have this wonky/on-off accent to go along with her con.

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