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Watch: First Trailer For Christophe Gans’ ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Starring Léa Seydoux & Vincent Cassel

Watch: First Trailer For Christophe Gans' 'Beauty And The Beast' Starring Léa Seydoux & Vincent Cassel

Well, whatever expectations you might have had about Christophe Gans, the director behind “Brotherhood of the Wolf” and “Silent Hill,” tackling “Beauty And The Beast,” prepare to have them underwhelmed. Falling somewhere between family friendly and ordinarily fantastical, this very expensive looking new version lacks a bit of bite.

The first trailer for the movie has arrived, and though it’s in French, all the familiar story beats are here: old man stumbles upon castle, plucks a rose, angers the Beast, has to give up his daughter….been there, done that. And much of the rest also feels a bit ordinary as well, as lush and CGI enhanced as it is, with Lea Seydoux appropriately ravishing and Vincent Cassel equally fearsome. There’s even cute, digital creatures. And all combined, it’s certainly a bit different from what we were expecting.

“Beauty and the Beast” opens in France on February 12, 2014. No domestic date yet, watch below.

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great movie a blockbuster great director that should make more movies brotherhood of the wolves a great movie


will be watching this especially for Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel.Seydoux is great in everything so I won't miss it


Pathe is selling the movie on its classical theme and the quality of its imagery. They are entitled to. They have put some cash into this project and they want to show it is visible on screen. 40 millions $ may be peanuts for a Hollywood production but for a french project, that's some big money.

They are not selling it on Gans' name. Gans has made an iconic movie 13 years ago and that's it for the french box office. Gans has fans but he's not a selling point right now. Still, the imagery shows extremely rich and complex sets and costumes, full of references to french Renaissance in the beast's world and early french 19th century in Belle's world, which is probably not without purpose. Gans has said his reference for this movie was Miyazaki's movies. Pathe is not (yet ?) selling it like that but the visuals do remind me of the richness of the cultural background in Chihiro.


Oh my god how come the acting is so awfully wrong!
All the lines from dialogues fell painfully fake…
Otherwise, yeah it looks good.
But… damn… It looks like no one actually believe what they're saying.
oh, and by the way, I'm french…


I agree with CHAYNAY it looks great! The 1946 version is one of my favorite films and I can't wait to see Christophe Gans vision of the beautiful story. Lea looks gorgeous in those gowns.


WHAT? "Underwhelmed"? the trailer looks fantastic!


It looks like a Hollywood blockbuster, but I'm still hopeful!

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